Who won the season finale of The Masked Singer?

A close-up screen shot of Masked Singer contestant, Harp.
The Masked Singer contestant, Harp, sings her heart out in the season finale. Pic credit: Fox

Last week on The Masked Singer, three contestants remained on the Thanksgiving Day semi-finals- Snowstorm, Harp, and Lambs.

Harp was crowned Queen in the Battle Royale, and Snowstorm with the least votes was unmasked to reveal actress and comedian Nikki Glaser.

This week’s season finale had Harp and Lambs going head to head for the grand prize of the Golden Mask Trophy with two musical performances each before judging began.

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The audience managed to crown a season 8 victor on Wednesday, despite it being the toughest finale ever according to celebrity panelist, Ken Jeong.

Up first was last week’s Queen, Harp. In the pre-performance monologue, Harp spoke about her experience on the show and conveyed that being under the mask has allowed her to separate herself from her former jobs, her name, and what people expect from her and prove herself with just her voice.

Harp took the stage in a spectacular performance of Lady Gaga’s song, The Edge of Glory. The celebrity panelists appeared awestruck by Harp’s on-stage talent. Jenny McCarthy commented, “That was by far, in all eight seasons, the best performance I’ve ever seen in a finale show ever.”

Harp Performs "The Edge Of Glory" By Lady Gaga | Season 8 FINALE | THE MASKED SINGER

Next up to the stage was the adorable trio, Lambs. They told the audience they call themselves Rose, Lilac, and Blueberry because of their frilly dresses. They harmonized Chaka Khan’s empowering anthem, I’m Every Woman.

Celebrity Panelist Nicole Scherzinger told the contestants, “That was a brilliant song choice for you, Lambs, because you three are the true embodiment of women supporting women.”

The Masked Singer contestants reimagine pop classics in the season finale

In the second half of the finale, Lambs revealed their history in the pre-performance monologue.

“We spent 14 years apart and we went our own ways. We became mothers and carved out our own lives and careers.”

The Lambs then took the stage and performed their unique rendition of Foreigner’s classic song, I Want to Know What Love Is.

The host, Nick Cannon, asked Lambs what winning would mean to them. Lilac Lamb confessed, “We have little lambs at home, and we wanted to make them really proud of us.”

The last performance went to Harp with her own vision of Gravity by John Meyer. Panelist Robin Thicke called her performance hands down one of the best things they’ve ever heard on the stage.

The Masked Singer audience votes for the Season 8 winner

The celebrity panelists and studio audience voted for their favorite performer of the night, and Nick Cannon announced that Harp received the most votes and would be crowned The Masked Singer Season 8 Queen.

Before Harp revealed her identity, Lambs were unmasked. Robin Thicke’s guess of Wilson Phillips turned out to be correct, as Chynna Phillips and Carnie and Wendy Wilson were revealed to be Lilac, Rose, and Blueberry Lamb.

Finally, it was time for the season finale winner to be revealed, and Harp is none other than the gifted actress and singer Amber Riley!

The Reveal: Harp / Amber Riley | Season 8 FINALE | THE MASKED SINGER

The Masked Singer Queen, Amber Riley, had some sage words for the studio and audience at home: “Whatever it is that you want in this life, go after it. It may be hard, it may be a rocky journey, but at the end of that journey it will totally and completely be worth it, so keep going.”

The Masked Singer is currently on hiatus. A Christmas special will air Wednesday, December 7, at 8/7c on Fox.

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