Who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 2? Colton felt no connection with these women

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood sent these ladies packing on episode 2. Pic credit: ABC

Another episode has come to an end and Colton Underwood has sent yet another group of women home.

While season 23 of The Bachelor appears to be straightforward thus far, the second episode saw four women leave the mansion, having their hearts crushed by Colton.

This week, Colton sent these four women home on The Bachelor

Alex B on The Bachelor
Alex B didn’t win Colton’s heart. Pic credit: ABC

Alex B, the 29-year-old dog rescuer, was sent home. She was from Vancouver, British Columbia and while she seemed excited about getting to know Colton, she didn’t appear to be heartbroken over her exit.

She also didn’t really play a big role in episode 2, so perhaps she knew she was going home.

Annie on The Bachelor
Annie didn’t steal Colton’s attention. Pic credit: ABC

Another woman to go home tonight was Annie.

Annie, the 23 year old financial associate from New York, New York, appeared to be sad that she was leaving. In her exit interview, she revealed that her biggest fear had come true – that she didn’t get to know Colton enough and him not getting to know her.

Angelique on The Bachelor
Angelique was sent home during tonight’s rose ceremony. Pic credit: ABC

Angelique was another woman who was upset that she was being sent home. This Hamilton, New Jersey woman seemed upset that she didn’t get to go further.

The 28-year-old marketing salesperson didn’t really play a role during the second episode.

Erika on The Bachelor
Erika was sent home on tonight’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

Erika was the final woman to be sent home. The 25-year-old recruiter from Encinitas, California simply walked out of the mansion when she was sent home. She didn’t seem too upset about going home and if she did do an exit interview, it wasn’t aired.

Who almost went home?

For a brief moment, Colton Underwood considered sending Hannah B, because she wasn’t being herself on their one-on-one date.

However, as the night progressed, she opened up about her struggles with perfection and how she often wanted to be the perfect girl. Colton chose to keep her around for another week.

The Bachelor returns next Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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