Who was sent home on The Bachelorette on Season 15 Episode 9?

Hannah B
Here’s who Hannah B sent home tonight. Pic credit: ABC

Tonight was another dramatic episode of The Bachelorette and Hannah learned a lot more about the contestants, as it was the overnight dates.

But in true Bachelorette style, someone had to go home. And this one appears to be one for the books.

Hannah was supposed to send two people home, but she sent one guy home before they could even get to the overnight suite. That person was Luke P.

Luke P

Luke P continues to confuse Hannah. Pic credit: ABC

During their dinner date, Luke P told Hannah that he would have to withdraw from the show if she had engaged in sexual activity with any of the other guys.

This revelation came after Hannah appeared to fall even more in love with him throughout the day.

Of course, this is rather hypocritical because he has been open about his own sexual past, where he talked about how many sexual partners he had throughout college.

Needless to say, Hannah sent him packing rather fast. But it sounds like he isn’t giving up just yet.

He really did try to speak to her prior to her sending him home, including asking if he could pray with her. She flipped him off instead, as he drove away.

Hannah can’t take three people to the finale, and based on the previews, Luke P actually tries to come back to The Bachelorette to talk to Hannah.

He clearly doesn’t respect her decision to send him home, which angers the other three remaining guys.

Jed, Tyler, and Peter had all been hoping that Luke would go home throughout the season, so they appeared thrilled with the news that he was going home.

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