Who was sent home on The Bachelorette on Season 15 Episode 5b? Here’s your elimination recap

Hannah B
Hannah B sent another round of guys home tonight. Pic credit: ABC

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette was a bit different than the traditional episodes. The first hour alone covered the rest of Luke P’s episode with Hannah and the drama that happened once he returned to the house.

The drama escalated when the guys confronted Luke about talking about them on his date with Hannah, something he had promised not to do.

Hannah had to step in to let them know that she was “a grown ass woman” and could handle her relationships. She didn’t need them to discuss everything and focus on Luke P. Instead, she asked them to focus on her.

The fighting continued, and Hannah found herself crying on Chris Harrison’s shoulders. Given the drama, some guys didn’t survive the night. Here is your elimination recap for Episode 5b.

Devin Harris

Devin Harris
Devin Harris was eliminated from The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

During tonight’s episode, Devin was sent home during the rose ceremony. Devin is a 27-year-old talent manager living in Sherman Oaks, California.

Hannah didn’t see a connection with him, even though he appeared to be there for the right reasons. In his Bachelorette bio, he explains that he loves being in love.

Even though he wants to find love and has struggled to find a serious relationship in Los Angeles, Hannah B wasn’t the woman for him.

Kevin Fortenberry

Kevin Fortenberry
Kevin Fortenberry was eliminated from The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Kevin Fortenberry was another man sent home tonight during the rose ceremony. The small-town guy from Manteno, Illinois had hoped he could connect with Hannah B, but the drama with the other contestants took time away from Kevin to get to know her better.

He claims that he “loves too hard,” but it wasn’t hard enough for Hannah B.

Grant Eckel

Grant Eckel
Grant Eckel was eliminated from The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Grant Eckel was the third man sent home during the rose ceremony. His Bachelorette bio reveals he’s the real-life “The Dude.” He loves his white Russians, and he doesn’t care about Instagram or CrossFit.

While Hannah doesn’t seem to care about those things either, they sadly didn’t have a deeper connection throughout filming.

His ABC bio reveals that he was ready to call people out for not being there for the right reasons, but the drama between the two Lukes appeared to dominate this season, and he never got his chance.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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