Who narrates Shaq Life?

shaquille o'neal on shaq life reality tv show
Shaquille O’Neal has his own reality show called Shaq Life. Pic credit: TNT

Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal is a regular on TNT’s NBA pre-game and post-game shows, but now the larger-than-life superstar has his own reality television series called Shaq Life.

It gives viewers a unique behind-the-scenes look at Shaq’s life beyond basketball, which includes his life with family and other ventures such as working as a DJ in Vegas.

It includes not only Shaq soundbites but also narration. Here’s more about the show and who narrates Shaq Life.

Shaq gives viewers unique insight into his life

After winning four championships and numerous accolades in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal has taken his talents beyond the basketball court.

That includes working as one of the co-hosts of the popular NBA on TNT programs alongside Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny “The Jet” Smith.”

In addition, Shaq is a businessman, entrepreneur, musician, and family man. All of those and more are captured on his new weekly series Shaq Life.

The show’s premiere episode, “You Don’t Know Shaq,” arrived on April 9. It gave fans an introduction about what to expect. That includes Shaq’s list of things he wants to accomplish, including going on a world tour as a DJ, tackling a new franchise, and connecting with his family.

Since then, the show has aired three more episodes, each of which showcases the amusing daily adventures and challenges in the life of a seven-foot basketball celebrity.

Shaq Life features Shaquille O’Neal, as well as his family and DJ managers. They are Adam Richman and Joe Silberzweig. It also has a narrator, and it’s not Shaq giving the voiceovers.

Who narrates the series Shaq Life?

In just the first episode, a familiar voice comes on to narrate Shaq Life. It’s none other than famous actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson has appeared in many films over the years with his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Avengers films, the most recent.

He’s also appeared as one of the celebrities in those “What’s in Your Wallet?” ads for Capital One credit cards. Fellow actor Jennifer Garner also appears in the commercials.

Samuel L. Jackson has held roles in several popular Quentin Tarantino movies — Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, and Hateful Eight.

Besides those, people may know Jackson from his roles in Snakes on a Plane, A Time to Kill, and for his role as the Jedi Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Jackson’s voice has also been featured in several other media projects. He was Frank Tenpenny in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the title character on the anime TV series Afro Samurai.

In addition, he was the superhero Frozone in The Incredibles movies and provided his Mace Windu voice for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Jackson will now be heard as the narrator on each week’s installment of Shaq Life, bringing it that extra something in addition to Shaq’s antics.

Shaq Life airs Thursdays at 9/8c on TNT.

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