America’s Got Talent: Who are the Urban Crew and where can you find them on Instagram?

Urbancrew on America's Got Talent
Urban Crew on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

There have been a lot of dancers so far this season on America’s Got Talent.

There have been some troupes, including the Japanese dance crew Fusion Japan and JoJo Siwa’s dancing pop group XOMG Pop!. This week also saw a solo dancer in Max Ostler and the Philippine troupe Urban Crew.

Urban Crew delivered a lot more than just a high-energy dance routine. They did things that acrobats do, but without the use of anything but their own skills and talent.

Here is what you need to know about Urbancrew on America’s Got Talent.

Who is Urban Crew on America’s Got Talent?

Urban Crew is a hip-hop dance group from the Philippines. They not only perform amazingly choreographed dances but also take part in some very high-flying flipping stunts.

The group actually performed before on Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, where they made it to the semi-finals.

When they came out to perform on America’s Got Talent, the judges watched in wonder as they did some deft defying tricks. They threw members high into the air and didn’t catch them, allowing them to land on the stage and keep dancing.

There was even a move where one of the dancers flipped over multiple dancers and then leaped over the final one, landing on the floor in front of the judges.

When the judges asked what they would do if they won, the group said they wanted to make a better life for their families. They also have dreams of building a dance studio where they can teach kids from the streets for free to help build community.

They got a nice start here, as all the judges gave the dance troupe a yes.

Where can you find Urban Crew on Instagram?

America’s Got Talent fans can follow Urban Crew on Instagram at @urbancrew_official_ig_ph.

They have 2,055 followers and 236 posts at this time. Their bio simply calls them “artists.”

There are a lot of photos on the Instagram page showing them both posing and in action.

In one post, they said that appearing on America’s Got Talent was one of their biggest dreams come true.

“One of our biggest dreams that turned into reality, to perform [on] a world-class stage, with thousands of audience world wide!”

They are also on YouTube at @Urbac Crew TV.

The group actually keeps up their own vlog on YouTube, although the last episode was four weeks ago.

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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