Who is Tyler on Counting On and where did he come from?

Michelle Duggar during a 19 Kids and Counting confessional
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have custody of Tyler Hutchins. Pic credit: TLC

Tyler Hutchins has been shown a lot since being added to the Duggar family. From social media pictures to Counting On episodes, he seems happy to be where he is today.

In 2016, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were granted permanent custody of the young boy. Tyler Hutchins was just eight when he was placed in their care and nearly two years later he is thriving alongside the other children in the home.

Why was Tyler placed with the Duggar family?

Back in 2016, Tyler Hutchins had been living with his grandmother. She suffered a stroke and could no longer care for him, which is when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar stepped in. The earned temporary custody at the end of August that year and by November, he was placed in their home permanently.

The story surrounding how Tyler Hutchins came to be in the Duggar home started when he was just six. He was placed into the care of his grandmother following his mother being deemed unfit to care for him.

Rachel Hutchins is Michelle Duggar’s niece and Tyler’s mother. He was born in 2008 and there was no father in the picture. Following her battle with the law, she was placed on probation and given supervised visits with Tyler.

What is next for Tyler?

At this point, it looks like Tyler will remain with the Duggar family indefinitely. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have custody of him and he has adjusted to life in the family well. Tyler is being homeschooled like the rest of the children.

Many Counting On viewers have noticed his presence more and more as the show has gone on. The episodes currently airing were filmed last fall, and Tyler took part in helping with the cake war for John David and Abbie Grace’s wedding in the most recent episode. Seeing him fit in has been a blessing for the whole family.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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