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Who is Sean Naso? 90 Day Fiance’s Sarah Jessen got married to a hip hop artist

Sean Naso
Sarah Jessen’s new husband is hip hop artist Sean Naso. Pic credit: NASO/YouTube

Sarah Jessen is a married woman, and now, 90 Day Fiance viewers want to know more about her new husband, Sean Naso.

When we first met Sarah, we only knew her as Michael Jessen’s ex-wife and the mother of Maxwell and CeCe, two of the coolest kids to grace our screens. It was known that Sarah was in a relationship, but from watching the TLC series, not much else was known about her.

Then, on Sunday, Maxwell Jessen shared photos from Sarah and Sean’s wedding that had taken place the same day. Things became even more interesting when we learned that Sarah’s new husband, Sean Naso, is an up and coming hip hop artist.

Naso recently released an interview where he talked about his inspiration for his latest work. His music has some very interesting and serious themes, as many might figure after learning Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker inspired him, as did the mental health theme behind that blockbuster film.

One thing we did learn about Sean Naso that may possibly tie him to Sarah Jessen is that, before his music career started taking off, he was working in construction. Sarah recently revealed on social media that she runs two companies, one of which is a construction company.

Naso is originally from The Bronx and has said that he uses his own life experience, including a car accident that he calls his “Kanye moment” as inspiration for his rock/rap style songs.

Little is known about Sean Naso, aside from what he’s shared on social media. He is active on Twitter and Instagram, using those platforms to share about both his personal life and his music.

There are six songs by Sean Naso available on SoundCloud, including what look to be his biggest tracks, Feet on the Ground, What’s My Name? and Angels.

The music video for Naso’s latest song, Home, was shared on YouTube on November 18 and in less than two weeks, has amassed more than 50,000 views. That’s the most for any of his songs so far, and it looks like this is just the beginning for Sarah Jessen’s new husband.

When it comes to family, it seems that Sean has been accepted by Sarah’s ex-husband Michael Jessen, who is starring on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance with Juliana Custodio.

He’s been a part of several family events lately and has been photographed with Sarah, Michael and Juliana like one big happy family. It was even reported that Michael and Juliana were at Sean and Sarah’s recent wedding. Just as well, Sean and Sarah were also photographed at Michael and Juliana’s wedding.

So far, we haven’t seen Sean Naso on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance, but with the way these couples get along, it wouldn’t be surprising if we did.

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