Who is MAFS star Emily Balch dating after her split from Brennan?

MAFS star Emily Balch
Who is Emily Balch dating? Pic credit: Lifetime

When Emily Balch signed up for Season 17 of Married at First Sight, she hoped for a husband, but her marriage to Brennan Shoykhet quickly crashed and burned.

It was a tumultuous split, and now, Emily wants nothing to do with her ex.

During the Season 17 reunion, Brennan revealed that he was dating a mystery woman, but is Emily also seeing a new man?

The blonde beauty opened up about her dating life in a recent interview, which was quite interesting.

That’s not the only topic that Emily touched on during her lengthy chat with a local media outlet.

She also opened up about the Australian guy who she was accused of cheating on Brennan with.

Surprisingly, the 29-year-old has done some introspection and is ready to take accountability for that situation.

Is MAFS star Emily Balch dating a new man?

The MAFS star dished about her personal life during an interview with the Denver publication, Westworld.

When asked if she was dating anyone, Emily exclaimed, “Absolutely not!”

However, she confessed to going on a date to get back out there. However, Emily quickly realized she was not ready to return to the dating pool yet.

“I want to make sure I’m in a good spot personally and continue to work on myself to be the best person and partner for someone else,” she told the media outlet. “So until that time comes, I won’t be pursuing dating, per se.”

That doesn’t mean Emily isn’t open to meeting someone, but she hopes for an “organic mutual connection.”

The MAFS star, who went from never being in a relationship to getting married to a stranger, admitted that it’s now time for her to gain some dating experience before getting into anything serious again.

Emily felt ‘guilty’ about cheating on Brennan Shoykhet

The MAFS star also talked about the revelation that she cheated on Brennan with an Australian guy.

When the news initially came out, she had no remorse but was honest during her chat with the media outlet.

“The Australian got a little messy,” admitted Emily, who claimed she didn’t tell Brennan about the kiss because she “felt guilty.”

The Denver native said while she did kiss the Australian man, that’s where it ended.

“I didn’t go home with him like Brennan wants to say that I did,” said Emily.

“If I had to take accountability about something this season, this would be it. But do I feel bad or guilty about it? No. Was it not my best moment? Yeah,” she added.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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