Who is Laura on Counting On? All about this special Duggar friend

Jana and Laura during a Counting On confessional
Laura is Jana’s best friend. Pic credit: TLC

Counting On fans have been seeing a lot of Laura DeMasie on the show. From spectacular events like weddings to more personal events like the birth of a baby, she has been with the Duggar family nearly every step of the way.

Laura DeMasie is Jana Duggar’s best friend. Of course, there are viewers who think the two are more than friends given the rumors about Jana’s preference being women. The two spend a lot of time together and often are seen on trips with the entire family.

When Jinger Duggar welcomed her little girl, Laura was there waiting with Jana outside of the delivery room. Counting On fans were confused about why she was there at such an important and private moment. Of course, the Duggar family considers Laura family so it wasn’t a big deal to have her there.

Aside from being Jana Duggar’s best friend, Laura DeMasie is a wedding planner extraordinaire. She planned both Joseph and Joy-Anna Duggar’s weddings. Everything went off without a hitch for both and DeMasie appeared to be pleased with how it turned out.


Of course, wedding planning is just a side gig. Laura DeMasie works for Embassy Media.

It is a place that hosts the media library of IBILP. That is the belief system and teachings the Duggars identify with, allowing them to all be on the same page. She has apparently been with the company since 2013.

Both she and Jana Duggar are single, adding fuel to the rumored relationship between them. After all of the other adult Duggar daughters were married off and began families, speculation that Jana might be gay swept social media. While there has been no acknowledgment from the family, it wouldn’t be shocking to some Counting On viewers.

Moving forward, there will likely be plenty more sightings of Laura DeMasie on Counting On. With an impending wedding on the horizon, her services will likely be needed.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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