Who is Justin Rupple on America’s Got Talent and where can you find him on Instagram?

Justin Rupple on America's Got Talent
Justin Rupple on America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

A fantastic impressionist showed up on America’s Got Talent this week, and he blew the judges away.

There have been some great voice talents on the show this season, with brothers Gabriel and Nate Brown showing they could sing songs and switch impressions constantly throughout it.

While not an impressionist, Jack Williams showed great talent as a ventriloquist as well as a comedian.

However, for Justin Rupple, he was a straight impressionist and has proven on TikTok that he can master several different impressions in his act.

Here is what you need to know about Justin Rupple on America’s Got Talent.

Who is Justin Rupple on America’s Got Talent?

Justin Rupple is a comedian, actor, and impressionist from Los Angeles. His act has him take someone famous and put them in a funny spot where he then acts it out.

He previously appeared on the game show First Impressions in 2016 and he won the episode in which he appeared.

He also got the chance to act in a movie with Liam Neeson called Operation Chromite and voiced the character of Tuffnut Thorston in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Before taking the stage, he told Terry Crews that he always wanted to be a Las Vegas performer, claiming he dreamed about it as a child – being on the strip with a double cheeseburger in one hand and a donut in the other, and this puts him one step closer.

Justin introduced himself as a professional standup comedian for 15 years and someone who is brought in to do lines in a movie when the actor who signed on had already moved on.

He said his dream is still to be a resident comic in Las Vegas.

His performance had him start off by saying he can do over 200 impressions and could teach anyone how to do them, but he has to keep them all straight in his head.

He then revealed how to impersonate Mark Wahlberg, and then did it. He said you can do Ryan Reynolds, but only after you learn to do Jim Carrey’s. Up next was Seth Rogen. Harrison Ford was next and if you make him an Irish ship captain, you get Liam Neeson.

He was in tears when he finished, because of how much this meant to him. Howie Mandel said that he did good ones, and he had a story that went with the impressions.

Simon Cowell said that Justin is what this show is all about – a very talented person who hasn’t gotten a chance, but can now reach a larger audience. He got all yes votes.

Where can you find Justin Rupple on Instagram?

Fans can follow Justin Rupple on Instagram at @therupple.

He has 3,851 followers and 198 posts. His bio reveals his credits as a “Comedian/Voice Actor?How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World (Tuffnut) “Dana Carvey’s First Impressions’.”

He offered up a great Jeff Goldblum impersonation, including looking like him.

He is even more popular on TikTok, which makes sense, based on his talent for impressions.

He has 290,000 followers there and over 5.7 million likes.

America’s Got Talent airs on Tuesday nights, at 8/7c, on NBC.

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