Who is Alyssa Lopez from Big Brother 23? Witty Florida girl loves her dogs

Alyssa Lopez BB23 Bio Pic
Alyssa Lopez is part of the Big Brother 23 cast playing the game in the summer of 2021. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Alyssa Lopez is a member of the Big Brother 23 cast and she hopes that she can go home with the $750,000 cash prize being offered this season.

There are 16 brand new houseguests playing the game for the first time this summer and already they have been making a splash with fans of the show. The new blood gives viewers the chance to cheer on a whole new group of people all summer.

On the Big Brother 23 season premiere, Alyssa was introduced and she spoke about how she is a swimwear designer from Sarasota, Florida. She was later placed on Team Kings when Team Leader, Christian Birkenberger, selected her.

For the first few weeks of the summer, Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Xavier Prather, and Sarah Beth Steagall will serve as Team Kings, where they gain safety if their team can win the Head of Household Competition.

Who is Alyssa Lopez on Big Brother 23?

Alyssa describes herself as witty, sarcastic, and outgoing. Her favorite activities include weightlifting, videography and video editing, boating with friends, going to the dog park with her dogs Jeter and Piper, and going to Siesta Key beach to watch the sunset.

When asked what her favorite past moment from Big Brother has been, she said, “My favorite past moment on Big Brother was on Season 11, the first season I ever watched, when Jeff used his secret power to put Jessie and Natalie on the block. I loved that the power shifted to him and Jordan.”

As for her strategy to become the Big Brother 23 winner, she said that she wanted to win the first Head of Household Competition. That didn’t happen for her, but she also noted that she feels her social game is what will help her the most. She will need it to get into the right alliances this summer.

“Houseguests will want to talk to me about their thoughts on other Houseguests and I will use that to my advantage by having a lot of people trust me. I won’t speak my mind too much on weeks that I am not HOH but put ideas in their head to get rid of certain people I think would hurt my game. Just like Tyler played on Season 20,” Alyssa elaborated when discussing how she could win the game.

Some of the fun facts that Alyssa also shared about herself included doing gymnastics for 10 years, launching her own swimwear line, achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Production, securing a drone aircraft license, and being featured on a Hooters billboard and taxi top.

Big Brother 23 off to the races

New episodes featuring the BB23 cast air each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8/7c on CBS. It’s going to be an exciting summer of Big Brother, with new twists and turns designed to make this a memorable season. Julie Chen Moonves is back as the host and the Big Brother live feeds have been turned on.

Buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride until the Big Brother 23 winner is declared this fall.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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