Who gets engaged on Bachelor in Paradise?

Jordan Kimball on Bachelor In Paradise
Jordan Kimball on Bachelor In Paradise this season — but does he get engaged? Pic credit: ABC

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains potential spoilers about the Bachelor in Paradise finale and reunion.

Bachelor In Paradise comes to a close next week as the two-part finale will air Monday and Tuesday.

It’s time for the couples to decide whether they want to break up or get engaged. There are some great contenders on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, but there have been few spoilers as to who will get engaged.

During last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, ABC decided to air a preview for the finale episodes.

The previews hinted that there would be proposals on the show and during the reunion special, where couples give their updates to Chris Harrison.

However, the clip of the reunion was an old clip from Bachelor: Winter Games, as Leslie Murphy was in the background. It sounds like ABC wants to make people think that more engagements are taking place.

But while nobody may get engaged at the reunion, what about the finale? According to Reality Steve, both Jenna and Jordan, and Krystal and Chris, got engaged in Paradise.

He initially seemed unsure whether Chris and Krystal were definitely engaged, but he later added an update saying they were.

None of the other couples on the show seem to be at the point where they would be thinking about an engagement as, while many of them wanted to find love, they weren’t able to find a connection.

Annaliese and Kamil have been having fun together, and while she wants a proposal it looks like Kamil doesn’t think that they are at that point. Instead, he appears to just want to have fun and explore what they could be.

At this point, it looks like Jenna and Jordan, and Chris and Krystal, will be the only ones that get engaged on this year’s Bachelor in Paradise.

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