Who do Bachelor Nation alums want to see paired up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?

Bachelor Nation
Bachelor Nation alums discuss who they want to see fall for each other in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

As Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise approaches this fall, fans have been speculating who might be on the season after the first-ever co-Bachelorette season airs.

Many past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been asked whether or not they would go on Paradise. Some, like Victoria Larson, have been adamant about not going to the island, while others like Victoria Fuller have hinted it could be a possibility.

Until the cast list has been released, though, Bachelor alums and fans will continue to give their thoughts, opinions, and input on who they would like to see show up and who they want to pair up together.

On the most recent episode of the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, guest Maurissa Gunn talked with co-hosts Tia Booth and Natasha Parker about this topic specifically.

Who do Tia Booth, Natasha Parker, and Maurissa Gunn want to see pair up?

As Bachelor in Paradise alums themselves, they probably have the best advice of anyone, knowing how the show is run.

When Tia started the conversation about who the women hoped would couple up, Maurissa piped up and exclaimed, “I think Justin Glaze and Serene Russell would be cute!”

Tia agreed when she stated, “Oh, that would be! I love Serene. Who else would she be cute with? What about Brandon Jones?”

Natasha also piped up as she is good friends with Justin, so she said it was hard for her because she knows him so well. She added, “It’s not a matter of who he’d be cute with, it’s like, he will find his person if his person is there.”

She went on to claim that he would never want to force something that he knows isn’t there. While he has been searching for love, Natasha said that he doesn’t want to settle.

Natasha declared that a lot of people have been bringing up Rodney Matthews’ name in hopes of seeing him in Paradise. She then said, “I mean, if Rodney doesn’t leave the beach with a wife or girlfriend or something, I’d be shocked. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about him across the board.”

The women discuss whether Blake Moynes will be there

Maurissa agreed with Natasha and said she also loves Rodney and talked about how sweet he was when she met him.

Maurissa also inquired whether or not Tia and Natasha thought that Blake Moynes would show up on the beach.

Natasha answered and said that she hopes he does not. In fact, she stated, “I feel like he probably should’ve gone to ‘Paradise’ the first time rather than going back on ‘The Bachelorette’ for Katie’s season.”

She then added that Blake does seem like he truly wants to find love and his person, though, so she didn’t totally count him out of appearing on the show.

Maurissa even said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Blake Moynes was named as the next Bachelor.

When asked about some of the women who might be in attendance, they didn’t have too many guesses or thoughts about it, except they all agreed on one thing: If Victoria Fuller is there, things would definitely get interesting.

For the entire podcast episode with Maurissa, Natasha, and Tia, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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