Who are the ‘rude’ Below Deck guests on the latest episode?

Karan and Kamna Below Deck Season 10
The latest charter guests on Season 10 of Below Deck were unbearable to the crew and viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Season 10 cast was not feeling the latest charter guests who were a heavy-drinking group from Virginia.

Chief stew Fraser Olender even said, “God I really don’t like them. Be gone, and never come back,” and “What a horrible group of people,” behind their backs.

Below Deck viewers watched the charter guests complain about the food, service not being fast enough, hookah spots, and the beach excursion, all while making grand gestures to let the crew know they were unhappy at almost every turn.

The crew did have a laugh over the cigar smokers smoking the cigar backward, even though they put that they liked to smoke them on their preference sheets.

To top it off, the Below Deck audience did not like this group of guests either, and most found them to be intolerable in online reactions.

But who are these charter guests?

What is the background of the ‘rude’ Below Deck charter guests?

Primary charter guest Karan Bakshi was on motor yacht St. David with his wife Kamna and their friends Vivek, Ronak, Rahul, Jyoti, and Karan’s sister, Payal.

When Captain Sandy was going over the preference sheet before the charter, she noted that Karan owned many businesses in the Northern Virginia area and they traveled often with their group of “closely knit friends.”

The group’s preference sheet pointed out that they never leave home without their hookah and wanted to partake in smoking it each night.

The charter guests had an affinity for super hot food, “level 7 out of ten.”

They also wanted a Bollywood night.

As for who the primary charter guest Karan is, he described himself in his LinkedIn bio as the “Founder and CEO of Vision Group, a leading multinational conglomerate of technology companies specializing in digital transformation for Retail.”

Below Deck viewers blasted the charter guests

Not only were the crew rubbed the wrong way by this group of guests but the Below Deck viewers were as well.

One popular comment on Twitter read, “Okay these #BelowDeck guests are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Whiny, pretentious, stupid, rude, zero class. I’m anticipating cheap with their tip too.”

Tweet about Below Deck charter guests
Pic credit: @jjrothery/Twitter

Another top notion read, “These guests on #belowdeck are beyond obnoxious. You’re on a freaking luxury yacht, a******s. I hardly think you’re starving. Money can’t buy class…”

Tweet about Below Deck charter guests
Pic credit: @msdee73/Twitter

Someone else jabbed, “The charter guests smoking their cigars backwards gave me the worst second-hand embarrassment.”

What do you think of the latest charter guests on Season 10 of Below Deck?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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