Where is Bryson’s mom? Robert from 90 Day Fiance opens up

Robert on 90 Day Fiance
Robert takes care of his son Bryson on his own. Pic credit: TLC

As 90 Day Fiance viewers get to know Robert and Anny on Season 7, there have been many questions about Bryson’s mother, especially after meeting the boy’s “pornstar granny” Stephanie Woodcock, who is now in adult film circles as Diamond Foxxx.

Robert is raising Bryson on his own and as the season began, he said that Bryson’s mom just up and left, making him a single dad.

As we learn more about Robert’s interesting family dynamic, there has been growing interest in what happened to Bryson’s mom and where she may be now. There have been plenty of reports and rumors, but, so far, nothing really concrete.

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, one viewer went straight to the source, asking Robert what happened and where Bryson’s mom is. As it turns out, he doesn’t really know.

“Where is Bryson’s mom,” read a question from a fan that was shared in Robert’s Instagram stories.

Robert replied, “I have no idea but wherever she is I hope she’s doing well.”

Robert from 90 Day Fiance in an Instagram Q&A
Robert opens up about Bryson’s mom. Pic credit: @robert90days7/Instagram

In another question during the same Q&A, Robert was asked if Bryson’s mom has contact with her own mother. Robert claimed not to know if they were speaking to each other.

That seems like a pretty mature way to respond to the question. Especially since Bryson’s mom seemingly abandoned her family, leaving Robert to raise their son alone.

Of course, now Robert has help from Anny since she accepted his marriage proposal and moved to Winter Park, Florida from the Dominican Republic on a K-1 visa. And as we saw on the latest episode, Robert also has the support of Bryson’s grandparents Stephanie and Ben.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Bryson’s mom pops up at some point, as it’s not uncommon for 90 Day Fiance stars to see many skeletons fall out of their closets, but, for now, she’s a big mystery and many viewers want to know more.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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