Where is Bachelor in Paradise filmed?

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The Bachelor in Paradise island has become a classic, staple spinoff series. Pic credit: ABC

There has been a lot of changes to this season of Bachelor in Paradise, most notably the fact that long-time host Chris Harrison is no longer there and has been replaced by four new celebrity guest hosts

However, despite all the adjustments, one constant in the series is the iconic island where Bachelor in Paradise is filmed. 

So where exactly does all the Bachelor in Paradise magic happen? 

Bachelor in Paradise is filmed in Mexico

From the second season all the way to the seventh season, Bachelor in Paradise has been filmed at the boutique resort, Playa Escondida. 

Playa Escondida is a gorgeous resort with a private jungle beach and hideaway. 

The resort is located in Sayulita, which is a fishing town in Rivera Nayarit, Mexico. The town is small with a population of 5,000. 

On travel sites, the Playa Escondida has a 4.5 to 4.8 rating and receives rave reviews from visitors. 

While Bachelor in Paradise has always been in Mexico, the spinoff series spent its first season in Tulum, Mexico rather than its now-signature town of Sayulita. 

Playa Escondida offers fun activities and books year-round 

Playa Escondida advertises itself as a resort where guests can slow down, relax, eat well, revitalize their body, explore beyond, embrace nature, and express your feelings. Their sentiment of “expressing feelings” on the island is fitting considering it’s the place where several Bachelor alum have professed their love for one another and even found lasting relationships.

There’s also a lot to do at the resort besides having rose ceremonies and getting caught up in reality TV show drama on the beach. Playa Escondida provides guests the opportunity to ride horses near the ocean, do yoga, visit whales, visit the spa, hike, bike, golf, take a trail ride, surf, and paddle. 

On Bachelor in Paradise there’s often a couple who will go on an adventurous date like zip-lining, which appears to be an activity that’s available on the island.

Playa Escondida is also fairly affordable compared to hotels in the United States. 

Guests can book a stay for as low as $200-$230 a night in one of the bungalows, penthouses, or beachfront villas. The more expensive rooms on the resort are priced at around $495 a night. 

Interestingly, the resort allows guests to book even when Bachelor in Paradise is in the process of filming. For avid Bachelor Nation fans, booking a trip to Playa Escondida can give you your own Bachelor in Paradise experience. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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