Where does Sister Wives star Janelle Brown live now?

Janelle has moved quite a bit over the years. Pic credit: Discovery+

Janelle Brown has called several states “home” over the years, leaving Sister Wives viewers to wonder where she is living currently.

Before Janelle married Kody Brown in 1993, she was living in Utah. It’s where she grew up and also where she lived during her brief marriage to Meri Brown’s brother, Adam Barber.

During the early years of her plural marriage, Janelle lived in Wyoming with Kody and his first wife, Meri. By the time Christine Brown joined their polygamous union, the family was living back in Lehi, Utah, which is where Sister Wives viewers will remember they shared a polygamous house divided into three living quarters.

When Kody was in danger of being arrested for his polygamous lifestyle, he moved the family to Las Vegas, Nevada. Each of Kody’s wives had their own homes in Vegas, and it seemed like the perfect setup for their large family.

But once again, Kody got an itch to move, and the family relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona, where some of them remain.

That includes Janelle, as far as we know. While the family decides what to do with their property at Coyote Pass – whether that be pay it off and start building on it, sell it, or lose it to foreclosure – Janelle has lived in multiple homes in Flagstaff.

Janelle Brown is still living in Flagstaff, Arizona

She first rented a single-family home when they arrived in Flagstaff but had to move when the owner listed it for sale, and she wasn’t in the financial position to purchase it.

Janelle then decided to buy herself a fifth wheel, much to Kody’s chagrin, and lived a much simpler life in her camper on her property at Coyote Pass.

However, during the winters, Janelle put her RV in storage and moved into an apartment in downtown Flagstaff, where we presume she currently resides.

Season 18 of Sister Wives, which is currently airing on TLC, was filmed in late 2022 and showed Janelle move herself and her daughter, Savanah, into her apartment in Flagstaff.

the brown family's property at coyote pass in flagstaff, arizona
An aerial shot of Coyote Pass, where Janelle temporarily lived in her RV. Pic credit: Discovery+

Admittedly, the space is a bit more cramped than Janelle would prefer, but it’s still more room than living in her RV.

Janelle teased moving back to Utah this season on Sister Wives

Is it possible that Janelle might relocate again? During Season 18 Episode 5, Christine tried to encourage Janelle to move back to Utah, but Janelle admitted that she was too invested in Flagstaff, especially with Savanah finishing high school there.

Another conundrum that Janelle has found herself in is her dire financial position. Unlike Kody and Robyn, who own their Flagstaff home, Janelle doesn’t own anything other than the property she’s tied up in at Coyote Pass.

During a tearful confession in Episode 4, Janelle revealed that after her big blowup with Kody, she was left in an unsettling financial position.

“So after I kind of got over the shock after Kody left, I thought, ‘Oh my heck. Like, I have nothing financially,'” Janelle confessed. “I am tied up in this property, everything as far as my estate goes.”

coyote pass as seen in season 18 of sister wives
A view of the mountains from the Browns’ property at Coyote Pass. Pic credit: Discovery+

“Any kind of savings, money, anything is tied up in this property,” Janelle admitted. “I am a smart woman, and I have done this very dumb thing.”

Janelle has a lot to think about in this chapter of her life, especially given her financial situation. We’d bet that it’s not entirely off the table for Janelle to follow in Christine’s footsteps and move back to Utah, especially since she told Christine that she still has friends in the Beehive State.

“Well, maybe I’ll just move back to Utah because I could plug into a church or a religious community,” admitted Janelle. “But again, it’s that dichotomy – I’m so attached here in Flagstaff, so I just – I don’t know.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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