Where are Nate and Sheila from Married at First Sight Season 5 now?

Nate and Sheila smile on the couch
Nate and Sheila smile while cuddled up together. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight couples are bound to face plenty of obstacles, but when families get too involved, it makes navigating a brand new marriage even more complicated.

This was the case for MAFS Season 5 couple Nate and Sheila, who looked great on paper, but quickly became a toxic pairing thanks to their own issues and the difficult issues within their extended families. 

Nate and Sheila’s marriage ends in a messy divorce 

Despite being very attracted to one another at the altar, Nate and Sheila had an uphill battle from the beginning. 

Nate’s mother strongly opposed her son marrying a stranger and wasn’t ready for Nate to prioritize a woman other than herself. Nate felt his mother continually had negative energy, which forced Nate to confront his mother, reminding her that his wife has to be his new “queen” now.

Both Nate and Sheila’s families clashed at the wedding, with the couple’s fathers having a bit of a tiff during the reception. Similar to Chris Williams’ father at Chris and Paige’s wedding on Season 12, Nate’s dad began to make Sheila’s family and wedding guests slightly uncomfortable.

Sheila would later share that the disapproval she received from Nate’s family exacerbated her deep rooted trust issues. 

The couple’s issues began to rear their head as soon as the honeymoon. Sheila broke down often, expressing her worry that Nate didn’t truly see her and wouldn’t love her during the times when she was not easy to love. 

Over time, Sheila also became frustrated with production and appeared to be over the whole experiment. During their arguments, Nate and Sheila would throw jabs at each other that caused them to blow up and put up walls. 

Nate also took issue with Sheila having a male best friend and confronted her male best friend at a party. Unlike MAFS Season 12 alum Eric, Nate believed men and women could be friends, but he still didn’t trust Sheila’s best friend. 

While they had loads of family issues, a positive family element in their relationship was Nate’s younger brother, who came to live with the couple. Nate was like a father figure to his little brother, and so it meant a lot to him when his little brother and Sheila bonded and naturally got along. 

As the experiment came to an end, the couple got to a point where they believed in the marriage again. Despite admitting that they both crossed boundaries and disrespected each other to a damaging extent, both Nate and Sheila said yes on Decision Day and agreed to stay married. 

The couple later got a divorce and went public with the messy details. 

Sheila shared that she received a call from a woman who was messing around with Nate, and allegedly the woman was someone Nate had been talking to even during his honeymoon with Sheila. 

Nate denies being involved in any infidelity and claims he had already moved out and filed for divorce before engaging with other women. 

Sheila retorted with an even more revealing public claim that Nate was a dishonest husband and that there were “other women” throughout their entire marriage and explained further how Nate had allegedly mistreated her and been unfaithful. 

Where are Nate and Sheila now?

After being very outspoken about their divorce on social media, Sheila made her Instagram account private and is now more cautious about sharing her life with the world. It’s not confirmed whether she’s in a new relationship or not. 

On Twitter, she often tweets inspirational quotes and life lessons and appears to feel that the tough times in her life have only made her stronger. 

As for Nate, he did go public about dating his new girlfriend, Nastassja B., in 2018. Whether the two are officially still together or not isn’t clear, but Nate does not appear to have many photos of Nastassja on his social media as of late. 

Since getting divorced, Nate appears to be dedicated to helping raise up the next generation of young successful Black men. 

He’s also the CEO of the cocktail brand, DueyJuice, and recently celebrated his 30th birthday. In addition, Nate appears to enjoy sharing photos of his fun moments with friends and family. 

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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