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Where are Catherine Agro and her dog Lucy from The Bachelor now?

Catherine Agro
Where is Catherine Agro and her dog Lucy now? Pic credit: ABC

Catherine Agro was eliminated during the latest episode of The Bachelor. Even though many suspected that she would become the villain of the season, Catherine laid low during recent episodes, and Colton Underwood sent both Catherine and her dog, Lucy, packing.

So, what has Catherine been up to since leaving The Bachelor? Did she dive back into her DJ work or did she treat herself a little after she and Lucy were rejected by Colton?

Based on Agro’s Instagram, it appears that she treated herself to some sloth time after being rejected by Colton. Her Instagram reveals she hung out with these beautiful creatures right before Christmas.

A little over a week ago, Catherine Agro posted a photo of herself with a friend with the caption, “eternity.” It sounds like she’s relying on her friends to move on from Colton by relying on her friends to keep her happy and positive.

Recently, Catherine Agro posted a clip of Colton being interviewed about her aggressive moves to talk to him four times during the first episode.

While the interviewer clearly wanted him to say something bad about Catherine, he defended her, saying that Catherine came there for him, even if she brought the dog.

Speaking of her dog, it seems that Lucy is doing just fine after being sent home from the Bachelor mansion.

Lucy, who has her own Instagram handle, has shared a few photos of life behind the scenes, including hanging out in the laundry basket and going paddle boarding with mom Catherine and grandmother. Cute!

It sounds like Catherine Agro is doing just fine after leaving The Bachelor. While she may have been heartbroken initially that things didn’t work out with Colton, she’s moving on thanks to her friends and her adorable dog Lucy.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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