When is the Love Island USA Season 6 finale?

Ariana Madix on Love Island USA
The winner of Love Island USA Season 6 will be crowned soon. Pic credit: Peacock

It’s been one month since Love Island USA hit Peacock airwaves, with fans wondering about the finale.

Love Island USA doesn’t play out over the whole summer like, say, Big Brother.

Instead, the reality TV show moves fast and furious with each season, airing multiple episodes a week for a few weeks.

Casa Amor shook things up last week on Love Island USA, which means the end isn’t far.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe we’re almost done, considering the state of the villa right now and the lack of couples to really cheer on.

More on that at a later date, though. For now, let’s take a look at what we know about the end of the Love Island season.

When is the Love Island USA Season 6?

If Peacock follows the same format as Season 4 and Season 5, then we can expect Love Island USA Season 6 to have 37 or 38 episodes. It would be surprising if the show deterred from that format as it has worked over the past two summers.

Based on the above episode count, the Island USA Season 6 final will air on Thursday, July 25, or Friday, July 26. The timing also aligns with host Ariana Madix’s need to leave Fiji for New York City, where she will reprise the role of Roxy Hart in Chicago starting August 1.

Ariana’s gig was why the show debuted earlier in the summer instead of the normal July debut.

This means there are only about 10 episodes left to play out in Love Island USA Season 6. The number doesn’t include the Aftersun show, which airs every Saturday.

Here’s what else we know about Love Island USA Season 6

This season has been one for the books, that’s for sure, and the jaw-dropping moments are far from over. Movie night is on the horizon, which will no doubt shake things up even more in the villa.

There are too many islanders in the villa, especially single ones, so a major dumping is looming. Perhaps that will take place as a Friday cliffhanger this week.

We also know Love Island USA Season 5 alums Kassy Castillo and Harrison Luna are returning to the villa amid all the chaos.

The move is a bit surprising considering seven men and 10 women are already in the villa, but producers no doubt have their reasons.

Be sure to keep watching Love Island USA Season 6 because the finale will be here before we know it.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays through Sundays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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