When is The Bachelor on tonight? Here’s when to tune in for the Women Tell All

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
The Bachelor Women Tell All will air a bit later this week. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor viewers might be confused if they try to tune in at the usual time tonight.

A big audience is expected for this upcoming episode, which is likely why there has been a change in the schedule.

After all, The Bachelor viewers are clamoring for the Women Tell All, and we expect big fireworks for this special episode.

When the women come back to confront Joey and each other, we’re looking for answers.

The biggest question being why Sydney latched on to Maria and pushed so hard for her to go home all season.

And why did Lea and Jess step into that role after Sydney went home? Hopefully, we’ll learn more about why they all hated Maria so much.

We also want to know if Lexi regrets going home.

It was also teased that some of The Golden Bachelor cast were in Los Angeles at the same time the Women Tell All was filming, which could mean an announcement about The Golden Bachelorette — or at least that’s what we’re really hoping.

Here’s when to tune in for The Bachelor

The Bachelor Women Tell All will air an hour later than normal on Monday, March 18. So, instead of the typical 8/7c timeslot, get ready for a late night because this special episode will start at 9/8c, and it still runs for two hours.

It should start with a rose ceremony, as we still haven’t seen who Joey eliminated on the Fantasy Suites dates. From there, it’ll launch into the Women Tell All.

We expect it to open with a sit-down with the third-place woman who goes home, as we saw on The Golden Bachelor when Gerry Turner sent Faith Martin home in a shocking elimination.

Tune in early for an Oprah Winfrey special

In The Bachelor’s regular time slot, we’re getting An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution.

They are clearly taking advantage of the droves of Bachelor fans who will be tuning in on time, not knowing about the schedule change.

Next week, The Bachelor will be back to its regular time slot for the finale, but brace yourselves, it will be a whopping three hours long as we find out who Joey gives his final rose and then jump into the After the Final Rose special.

Hopefully, we’ll also learn who The Bachelorette will be next week, as a lot of Bachelor Nation news should be headed our way with the end of Joey’s season on the horizon.

The Bachelor airs at 9/8c on March 18 on ABC.

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