When does the new season of Big Brother start?

BB21 Finale
The Big Brother 21 season was packed with drama in Summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

The new season of Big Brother starts really soon, kicking off a summer of fun that ends with someone winning a nice $750,000 prize.

Second place isn’t so bad, either, as they win $75,000 for their efforts.

Unfortunately, the release of the Big Brother 24 cast list for this summer has been delayed, meaning we won’t know who is playing the game until mere hours before the season premiere.

The good news, though, is that this is an all-new group of houseguests living in the Big Brother house this time around, giving fans of the show a brand new group of people to get to know.

When is the move-in date for the new season of Big Brother?

The first new episode of Big Brother airs at 8/7c on Wednesday, July 6. That’s also going to be Day 1 for the houseguests, as they are participating in a live move-in event for CBS.

Adding to the drama of night one is that the Big Brother live feeds will be turned on following the West Coast viewing of the season premiere. That’s when we should start finding out who the first Head of Household really wants to work with.

A Big Brother schedule packed with intrigue

CBS has also updated its Big Brother schedule for 2022, which underscores that there is not a Thursday night episode within the first few days. That’s a change of pace for the show, but it also allows everything to slide into a familiar routine.

Having only one episode within the first few days will likely increase the interest that Big Brother fans have in the live feeds this season, because that’s where a lot of the early drama is going to play out. Hopefully, there is not a lot of downtime like what happened with the Big Brother 23 cast.

And as a reminder, the Big Brother 2022 season is a shorter one, with the producers packing more content into a more succinct schedule. This is something that Survivor has also begun doing, even though fans would rather have them competing for more days.

Before the new season of Big Brother starts, we should get a BB24 cast list, a revelation of the theme for the Summer 2022 season, and a house tour from host Julie Chen Moonves. A lot of that could be revealed the day before the show begins, so it’s going to be a busy week.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 at 8/7c on CBS.

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