What season is American Idol entering in 2022?

American Idol judges
American Idol judges. Pic credit: ABC

With American Idol returning to ABC next month, there seems to be some confusion at which season this is.

The last four seasons of American Idol were Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4. This season is Season 5, but the promo for the season advertises that it is time for Season 20.

So, what season is American Idol entering into in 2022?

What season is American Idol in 2022?

The truth is that this is both American Idol Season 5 and American Idol Season 20.

This is because the show started off on Fox and then when that network canceled the show, ABC picked it up and started it from scratch.

That was confusing from the start.

Because ABC wanted to show a fresh start for American Idol, they called it American Idol Season 1 on ABC.

That means this season is American Idol Season 5 on ABC. But, it is also American Idol Season 20 if a fan accounts for every season of the show.

By starting the numbers over with the new season, it just confused things from the start.

When fans wonder who won American Idol Season 1, there are two answers.

Kelly Clarkson won American Idol Season 1 in 2002.

However, Maddie Poppe also won American Idol Season 1 when it was relaunched on ABC.

By renaming this season American Idol Season 20, it combines the history of the show and should remove confusion when looking at past winners. It is also a good way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. This is American Idol Season 5 on ABC and the 20th season overall for the singing competition.

American Idol making changes in Season 20

American Idol will look a little different in Season 20.

“Looking back at some of the first seasons, the show looked and felt really different than it does now,” host Ryan Seacrest said. “Sure, the concept—the foundation—is the same. But look at the evolution of the artists who are auditioning now, and at the style of the show, and it’s a real study of how one show can continue to evolve.”

Seacrest also said that contestants can send in their tryouts from home.

“What’s fantastic about music now is that artists who could not have put out music or been exposed to fans can build their listener base and build their fan base from their own bedrooms. We didn’t have that when American Idol started.”

American Idol Season 20 premieres on ABC on February 27, 2022.

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