What is a Big Brother recruit and why do fans dislike them so much?

Cody C Big Brother
Cody Calafiore has appeared on two seasons of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans love watching players who enjoy the game and understand how it works.

Sometimes, some houseguests do not know basic rules or recognize long-time challenges.

Those houseguests unfamiliar with the game are sometimes recruits who have been cast to help bring eyes to the episodes and live feeds.

A noticeable trend for recruited people is that they enter the house already having large social media followings.

One Big Brother alum had some saucy things to say about recent casts. She feels influencers have infiltrated the Big Brother house.

She’s not wrong, as evidenced by several people on the BB25 cast.

What is a Big Brother recruit?

In its most basic definition, a Big Brother recruit is someone a producer sought out to be on the show. This isn’t necessarily bad, but recruits might know less about the show.

If a producer feels that someone could be fun to watch on television, interesting on the live feeds, or have many social media followers, they might be invited to play Big Brother.

Big Brother alum Kathryn Dunn (BB21) said four recruits were on the BB25 cast. Kat has been very involved in interviewing recent Big Brother players and posting videos about recent seasons, putting her in “the know” for stuff like this.

Red Utley, Reilly Smedley, Blue Kim, and Kirsten Elwin were the people called recruits from the latest season.

People from the past who have recently admitted to being recruits include Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore and two-time player Derek Alexander. Cody said he was recruited to be on BB16, where he finished as the runner-up to Derrick Levasseur. Derek appeared on BB21 and BB22.

Why do some Big Brother fans dislike recruits?

Being knowledgeable about the game leads to better gameplay during the season. But introducing people who don’t understand the game can lead to frustrating moments for fans.

Many Big Brother fans get frustrated when a new houseguest reveals on the live feeds that they don’t understand how nominations work, don’t know what OTEV is, or don’t recognize iconic names from the show.

That lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes in the game, sometimes impacting players that fans are cheering on. It then leads to complaints on social media and, inevitably, some backlash toward the show.

Big Brother isn’t the only show with recruits because it is an integral part of many reality TV shows. But with live feeds available to Big Brother fans, it is often easy to spot who has been applying for years and who was scooped up by a producer.

It must also be noted that some recruits have done well on Big Brother, and others have become extremely popular with the fans.

Below is an interesting video about the successes and failures of some recruits who have played the game.

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