What has Jed Wyatt been up to since The Bachelorette?

Jed Wyatt
Jed Wyatt fooled everyone on The Bachelorette, including Hannah B. Pic credit: ABC

Earlier this year, Jed Wyatt proposed to Hannah B on national television as part of The Bachelorette, but their romance was short-lived.

On the reunion special, it was revealed he had been keeping a secret and overnight, he became the villain of the season.

While Hannah said goodbye to him, he appears to have faded into the background. In fact, he didn’t use the spotlight to advance his music career. Instead, it seemed like he wanted to be forgotten – for just a moment. So, what has he been up to since The Bachelorette ended?

It appears that Jed has done some self-reflection. While he never really used Instagram to share details about his rumored girlfriend and secret relationship, he has posted his thoughts about how he’s handling the negativity he has received after being on the show.

In the few Instagram posts, he has shared since leaving the show, he appears to be relying on his family. He posted a photo of himself with his sister after returning home.

It’s clear that they don’t see him as the villain that viewers thought he had become.

And it should come as no surprise that Jed continues to pursue his music career. He has shared a single photo of him on stage, thanking IHeartRadio in the post for a great day.

While he may not be selling millions of albums these days, it sounds like his experience on The Bachelorette isn’t holding him back from pursuing his dreams.

He hasn’t addressed Hannah in the media recently, but she isn’t holding back.

During Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars, Hannah appeared to address Jed in her performance. She danced to Lose You To Love Me by Selena Gomez, remembering the heartbreak she suffered when her ending on The Bachelorette didn’t turn out to as she had hoped.

But it appears that Jed has also moved on. He has been linked to Ellen Decker, a personal trainer, and a model, according to Cosmopolitan. This news was shared just three weeks ago, but she has been rather absent from his Instagram feed. It sounds like he’s ready to move on with a new relationship sooner than Hannah.

The Bachelorette is expected to return in the spring of 2020.

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