What happened to Rain on Alaskan Bush People?

Rain Brown
Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown has had a difficult time healing from her dad’s death. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People’s newest season has recently premiered on Discovery, and it’s proving to be one of the toughest yet on the Brown family.

As followers of the show are aware, the Brown family suffered a devastating loss when their patriarch, Billy Brown, died suddenly following a fatal seizure at the family’s North Star Ranch in February 2021.

Though health problems weren’t new for Billy, having been in and out of the hospital several times over the years, it didn’t make his death any less of a traumatic experience for the family he left behind.

One of the Brown children took his death particularly hard, and that was the youngest Brown sibling, Rain.

In a recent episode of the hit Discovery show, viewers couldn’t help but feel a level of concern for Rain as she accompanied her sister, Bird, back to Alaska for surgery.

The trip seemingly brought up immense feelings for her and had her wandering off alone.

What happened to Rain on Alaskan Bush People?

The Brown family may have their struggles, but they’re always there for one another when a sibling is in need.

This was the case in the show’s latest episode when Bird found herself needing to go to Alaska to seek treatment for pre-cancerous tumors.

Rain agreed to travel with her sister as a show of support. However, as they made their way back north, it became increasingly clear that Rain was struggling emotionally.

“I can tell Rain’s having a hard time,” Bird admitted during a confessional with production. “I think the whole trip has been overwhelming for Rain. I think Alaska has been making her think of things with dad she hasn’t thought about.”

Bird continued to share that she didn’t believe Rain realized how sentimental the trip for them would be. Between heading back up to Alaska and Rain having to steer The Integrity family boat, she underestimated the emotion that would come with it.

Rain is open about her healing, implores followers to see the beauty around them

Billy Brown’s death shook the family to its core, and returning to Alaska to face those feelings proved to be a trying time for Rain. Thankfully, after a discussion with her sister, Rain was able to admit that seeking professional help may aid in her healing.

Over on her Instagram, Rain also recently shared a sentimental post reminding her followers to see the beauty around them and not focus on the tough times.

“Often times we forget how truly beautiful the world really is, the trees the mountains the fields even the city’s the sunsets and sunrises the waves the people, I want you to look around you today and find beauty in something,” her caption read, in part.

Rain went on to suggest that tough times can turn into beautiful memories if you allow them.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery.

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Amy l
Amy l
1 year ago

Who cares

1 year ago
Reply to  Amy l

Wow, who hurt you? Daddy?

Four Feathers
Four Feathers
1 year ago

Bird did NOT go to Alaska to have surgery – Bird had her surgery here in WA before going to Alaska & was healing from that surgery before & during the trip to Alaska…

1 year ago
Reply to  Four Feathers

Thank you! Bird had her surgery in Seattle, Washington. Makes me wonder if whoever writes these articles ever watched the program.