What happened to Laura-Leigh from Vanderpump Rules?

Laura-Leigh in We're the Millers
Laura-Leigh left Vanderpump Rules for the break she got in We’re the Millers. Pic credit: Warner Bros.

Vanderpump Rules viewers have seen a lot of cast members come and go, but not many as memorable as Laura-Leigh.

She was around during Season 2 of the show and was attached to Jax Taylor. If anyone knows anything about the show, they know that is a recipe for disaster.

Back in 2013, Vanderpump Rules viewers saw Jax Taylor and Laura-Leigh hook up several times. He was on the rebound from Stassi Schroeder (the first time) and found comfort in the new girl on the scene. Unfortunately, their most memorable moment comprised of hooking up in the bathroom at SUR.

Why did Laura-Leigh leave Vanderpump Rules?

After some rocky moments with Jax Taylor, Laura-Leigh decided to hang up her outfit at SUR and move on from the reality show. She had talked about being an actress and getting ready for her big break.

It came at just the right time because Jax dumped Laura-Leigh, and shortly after that she was off to film a movie with some big-name Hollywood actors.

Where is Laura-Leigh now?

Currently, Laura-Leigh goes by the name Laura-Leigh Claire. Her big break back in 2013 when she left Vanderpump Rules came in the movie We’re the Millers with Jennifer Aniston.

She has also been in 15 episodes of The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and has done several guest-starring roles here and there as well.

Laura-Leigh will be in the movie Under the Silver Lake. Other names attached to the movie are Riley Keough, Topher Grace, and Andrew Garfield. Things appear to be falling into place for Laura-Leigh as she navigates life as an actress.

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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