What do the Sister Wives do for work in 2020?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown doesn't think his kids will walk in his polygamist footsteps
Salesman Kody Brown and his earner Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Fans who watch Kody and his Sister Wives on TLC often wonder what they do for a living.

While watching the series over the years and seeing how Kody has described his own skills as a salesman — including his “closing abilities” which he mentioned last night — what business ventures and other ways to make money do the women possess?

While Kody’s own entrepreneurial vagueries and broad strokes about his income loom, social media has reported on what his wives do to earn extra cash.

Meri is the proprietor of a Utah-based bed and breakfast, Janelle is a fitness and nutrition coach, and Robyn sells things along with her partners and her sister wives. Christine seems to be the only female adult in the family to stay at home.

When the Sister Wives debuted, what we knew

Monsters & Critics traveled back in time to find a transcript from the 2010 Television Critics Association summer press tour to revisit a few questions asked of Sister Wives cast pertaining to income.

The Brown family presented for the first time on that TLC panel during the press tour held nearly a decade ago.

[August 6, 2010]
TLC is adding to its family of shows with today’s panel. It’s a raw, honest look at a hidden lifestyle, plural marriage. This is a way of life for approximately 40,000 Americans, but it’s never been explored in this very honest, real, and authentic way. The Brown family is sharing their story with us in our new series “Sister Wives…”

TV Critic: “Okay. And as far as the income, do all of you have — work at some point, or how many people make incomes, then?”

Meri Brown: “At this point, three of us are working.”

Janelle Brown: “Yeah.”

Robyn Brown: “And that’s pretty normal.”

What do the Sister Wives do now?

Okay, the bulk of their income is likely the cash the cast earns from their percentage of the TLC show’s budget. In an article that broke this down, the Browns earn at least 10 percent of the show’s operating costs.

In an E! News interview, reality TV producer Terence Michael revealed that this percentage follows the budget formula reality folks generally receive from each episode.

However, networks and production companies are closed-mouthed about this subject — and understandably so, Still, according to Michael, the formula worked out was based on the likelihood that TLC spent from $250,000 to $400,000 per episode.

With that in mind, and after all the years of doing the series, so far the Browns would have made upwards of $4 million — but that amount is unconfirmed.

The sister wives are working

Meanwhile here’s a closer look at Sister Wife 1, Meri Brown.

A saleswoman and host, Meri runs a bed-and-breakfast property. She also sells the casual clothing line, LuLaRoe.

With an eye toward accommodating overnight guests, Meri bought her family home in Utah called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Located in Parowan, Utah, the inn opened in late 2017.

Meanwhile, Meri’s thriving LuLaRoe business boasts 380,000 Instagram followers @lularoemeribrown.

In addition, Meri is also a New York Times Bestselling author.

Then there is Christine Brown.

This stay-at-home mother and wife appears to also be involved in Lularoe although she does not link to Meri’s Lularoe website and her job there has not been defined for the general public.

Sister Wife Janelle Brown is also an entrepreneur. The grandmother holds a real estate license and she also runs a website devoted to wellness coaching called Strive with Janelle.

When the Brown family lived in Nevada, Janelle had sold real estate agent but she does not appear to be pursuing this occupation as a viable means of income while in Arizona. However, that can change.

Strive motivation hub via blog posts on Instagram and Facebook. Janelle’s business also offers health-oriented merchandise such as water bottles, watches, pedometers, clothing and more.

Finally, Sister Wife Robyn, Kody’s legal spouse, lives in a huge Flagstaff mansion. She still runs a website, but that site currently shows as inactive. MySisterWifesCloset.com is Robyn’s side gig.

On her Instagram, Robyn is listed as the owner of this now dormant business that sold jewelry and clothing.

Mother, Wife, Sisterwife, business owner & God loving woman. The most important thing to me is my relationship w/ God & my family. #awonderfullife

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.