What did Nikki Exotika look like before transitioning and plastic surgery? See the pics

Nikki shared some photos of herself before transitioning and undergoing a multitude of plastic surgeries. Pic credit: Discovery+

90 Day Fiance newbie Nikki Exotika has put a ton of effort and a lot of cash into her appearance.

The 47-year-old self-declared “Million Dollar Barbie” has undergone a bevy of surgeries and procedures to achieve her unique look.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the New Jersey native has transformed herself with the help of a team of professionals, including plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and others in the beauty industry.

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Nikki has been open about the work she’s had done, including shaving her forehead/brow bone, an endoscopic brow lift, hair transplants over scars, a temporal lift for a โ€œcat-eyeโ€ effect, several nose job revisions with rib grafts, cheek implants, buccal fat removal, veneers and dental crowns.

She’s also had braces, chin implants, jaw filing/chin recontour, lip lift, mid-face/neck lift, ear pinning, voice surgery and therapy, liposuction, a butt lift, silicone injections, eyebrow microblading, silicone removal, scar revisions, hair extensions, tanning, and makeup and lashes.

Nikki’s transformation journey began when she was still a teenager. Admittedly, it was her dream to look like Barbie, and she didn’t let childhood bullies deter her decision to chase her dreams.

After having a nose job at the age of 18, Nikkie was hooked. She continued her plastic surgery journey, which included transitioning from male to female.

90 Day Fiance newcomer Nikki Exotika shares throwback pics from her pre-surgery days

Knowing that Nikki is transexual, many 90 Day Fiance viewers have been curious to see what she looked like before transitioning and undergoing all of her plastic surgeries and procedures.

Here is a look at a few photos that Nikki has shared on her Instagram, giving her millions of fans and followers a glimpse at some before and afters.

In the post below, which Nikki uploaded in 2017, she shared a side-by-side photo of herself as a child compared to a more current pic.

In the caption, Nikki wrote, “Its been quite a journey to get to where I am today , lots of struggling pain and obstacles along the way but โ˜๐Ÿปit made me such a strong person! ๐Ÿ’–”

“Always Be True to who you are, don’t ever let anyone tell you to be someone you are not ” !” she added.

In a photo shared in 2018, Nikki shared another side-by-side of her before-and-after transformation.

In the “before” photo, Nikki sported her natural red hair and went makeup-free, compared to a glammed-up Nikki in the “after” photo on the right.

Nikki shows her fans and followers what some ‘amazing’ plastic surgery can do

“Isnโ€™t it amazing what Plastic Surgery can doโ‰๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜˜,” she asked in the caption.

Further along in her transitioning journey and after having undergone some plastic surgery in her teenage years, Nikki shared a pair of pics snapped when she was 18.

“Me at 18yrs oldโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿป,” read the accompanying caption. “Always a Babe! ๐Ÿ’–”

With such a head-turning, distinctive look, Nikki is aware that she draws a lot of attention to herself.

And despite being bullied for looking different in her younger years, Nikki stood firm.

“No matter how many times I was beat up after school or in the locker room, I never gave up on being myself and living the way I have always felt inside,” Nikki admitted.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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28 days ago

She looked better before. Iโ€™m sorry , to me sheโ€™s Scary. Nobody has such creepy features she has. Iโ€™m sorry,

Thomas Ogle
Thomas Ogle
28 days ago

Itโ€™s a man that has been trying to be a woman and it didnโ€™t go good it is very difficult to look at it very ugly she needs to get her money back I would like to say try again but it a hopeless case she looks like a bulldog

3 hours ago
Reply to  Thomas Ogle

Itโ€™s petty obvious by the size of her hands and feet but I still think sheโ€™s extremely beautiful! Not to mention, prior to him โ€œknowingโ€ that she was trans, he had absolutely โ€œNO IDEAโ€ that she wasnโ€™t a woman from birth, and he was intimate with her! Who are we to judge?!!! From what I gather, sheโ€™s a VERY NICE person and takes care of him EXTREMELY WELL! My question is, does he love her or is he in it for the money? Idk

Annie Perkins
Annie Perkins
26 days ago

I knew the first time I saw her I knew she used to be a man to much botax she looks very scary

4 hours ago
Reply to  Annie Perkins

I think sheโ€™s very pretty, her lips are just too big for my liking. But itโ€™s obvious she wasnโ€™t happy as a boy in her previous life so she felt had to change it. I do believe, however, God does everything for a reason, and with that being said, HE made her โ€œmaleโ€ for a reason! But who are we to judge. I do wish her all the best in life.

25 days ago

She looked a lot better when she was 18.