What did Jean Blanc do on The Bachelorette?! Most embarrassing exit ever?

Jean Blanc Bachelorette
Jean Blanc’s exit from The Bachelorette could be the most cringe-worthy moment ever

Jean Blanc was sent home from The Bachelorette last night, and his exit could quickly go down as one of the most cringe-worthy moments in the show’s history.

Right from the get go he seemed to be very insecure — and it didn’t do him any favors. Jean was evidently worried by the fact that he wasn’t getting a one-on-one date with Becca Kufrin, even though he was by no means the only guy in that situation.

But he really wanted to tell Becca how he felt, so he decided to lay it on thick. Despite not getting much time with her, he tried to woo her by giving her perfume which he said he’d bought her.

Later, he said that he felt he hadn’t done enough to convince Becca about his feelings so he sat her down and told her that he was falling in love with her.

He said: “I just wanted to… reaffirm.. how I’m feeling about you. I know relationships are developing at a different pace, but I feel like the connection has always been there.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I really haven’t felt like this in a long, long time. I just wanted you to know I’m truly falling for you, and I’m falling in love with you, and I’m just putting it out there.”

Unfortunately for him, Becca revealed that she didn’t feel the same way and was quick to say that he should go home.

That’s when it got cringeworthy. Jean got defensive, first hinting that he wanted to get the perfume back and then saying that he had LIED about his feelings, claiming he only told The Bachelorette star what he thought she wanted to hear.

Fans on social media went into overdrive talking about how awkward the whole thing was.

And, needless to say, Becca was completely traumatised by the whole thing and was left questioning the whole Bachelorette process.

Luckily, one bad apple didn’t ruin it for the rest of the guys and she’s still in it for the long haul.

What do you think about Jean Blanc’s behavior on The Bachelorette?

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