What celebrity did Michelle Young recently meet, and was she starstruck?

Michelle Young
Michelle Young met a celebrity recently – how did she react? Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young, former Bachelorette herself, has been all the hype the past couple of days as she joined Becca Kufrin as the new co-host on Bachelor Happy Hour.

A former elementary school teacher and star basketball player in high school and college, Michelle caught the eye of Bachelor Nation fans during Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

Her bubbly, funny, and passionate personality really shined through during Matt’s season, as well as her own Bachelorette season. These qualities have also made her the perfect co-host to Becca Kufrin, as they are similar.

Michelle’s rise in fame has allowed her to meet several celebrities, and she recently spoke about her experience with one superstar in particular.

What did Michelle Young reveal on her very first podcast with Becca Kufrin?

On Michelle’s first episode of the podcast, listeners got the run-down of her and Nayte’s blooming relationship as an engaged couple.

Becca also asked Michelle about the famous person she recently met on the red carpet. Who was this celebrity that made such an impact on Michelle? None other than the artist and performer, Rihanna.

Last month, Michelle and Rihanna posed for photos together at one of Rihanna’s events. The two ladies posed with their significant others, Nayte Olukoya and A$AP Rocky as well.

Was Michelle starstruck after meeting Rihanna?

Michelle stated, “I typically do not get starstruck, but that was pretty cool. Rihanna came through at her event and walked through the crowd and spots me, and points at me. She was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Michelle!’ It took me a few seconds to realize it was real … I didn’t even have to introduce myself! But in those situations, for me, celebrities are just human.”

When Michelle revealed this news on the podcast, it seemed to be Becca who couldn’t get over the celebrity encounter and the fact that Rihanna noticed and called out to Michelle first.

Michelle stated, “Rihanna is just a human like me. But it was pretty cool for her to talk to me and Nayte about Nayte’s hometown. It was a special moment!”

After more discussion about the impactful moment, Becca then asked Michelle if she and Rihanna still talk now after meeting at the event.

Michelle sarcastically stated that they text all the time. But then, after saying that as a joke out loud, she told Becca that they should have Rihanna on the podcast in the future. Michelle said she could just nonchalantly slide into Rihanna’s DMs.

The Bachelorette Season 19 will be hosted by Jesse Palmer

Michelle and Katie Thurston both had Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams as their co-hosts for The Bachelorette and seemed to get along extremely well with the women.

However, for The Bachelorette Season 19, the franchise has decided to extend Jesse Palmer’s contract and bring him on as the host for The Bachelorette rather than the two women.

While Bachelor Nation fans liked Jesse, some think that it was especially beneficial for the Bachelorette leads to have women hosts as their support system. Kaitlyn Bristowe has been especially vocal about this since the announcement was made.

While The Bachelorette will have a male host this summer, former Bachelorettes Michelle and Becca will offer their thoughts and insight on the season through their podcast.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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