Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath shows off fiery red locks

Olivia Plath selfie.
Olivia Plath debuted striking fiery red locks. Pic credit: @oliviamarieplath/Instagram

While Welcome to Plathville may not be airing, the stars of the show are still making headlines.

Olivia Plath has been traveling and living her best life with her husband, Ethan Plath.

The two are a significant part of the show, especially with the fractured relationships between Ethan and his parents, Barry and Kim Plath.

Last season saw a shift in dynamics, with Olivia making her feelings known that she is willing to work on a relationship with Barry. Still, Kim remained someone she was not interested in seeing or repairing anything with.

In her ventures over the last several months, Olivia did a photoshoot that required her locks to be dyed red.

While it’s unclear if the reality TV star will keep her fiery red locks, she is documenting the look on her social media.

Olivia Plath shows off fiery red locks

On her Instagram page, Olivia Plath did a mini photoshoot with her red locks to document the moment.

She wore a crisscrossed halter top, which gave her a bustier look than she typically wears.

Olivia captioned the carousel of photos, writing, “Giving these a permanent spot on my feed because I feel like a bad b***h when I’m a redhead 👩🏼‍🦰 Hair by @paulandmego, makeup by @jackietzang 🫶🏼 Feat. my curling iron burn 🫠 #beautyispain I’m thinking ahead, so what hair color should I try next?”

The reason behind the change in hair color was that Olivia Plath was shooting some promos for the hair chain, Fantastic Sams.

Olivia documented some of her time in a behind-the-scenes look at getting ready to shoot and some of the shots they got that will be used for promo material for the salons across the country.

Will Welcome to Plathville return?

The last season of Welcome to Plathville ended with some big news and changes within the Plath family.

Kim Plath decided to move forward with the separation and divorce Barry Plath. The family was dealing with it in their own ways, and several of the siblings released a message in support of their mom following the show’s season finale.

Earlier this year, Kim Plath was arrested for DUI. It was shocking because she has sheltered her children for their entire lives from soda, television, and anything else too worldly. She ended up in a situation that rebuked her beliefs and teachings.

This could make for a stellar new season of the show, but there’s been no confirmation that the show will be returning.

Welcome to Plathville is currently on hiatus.

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