Watch the Survivor sneak peeks for tonight’s episode: It’s Like a Survivor Economy [Videos]

Survivor 40 Cast2
The Survivor 40 cast gets ready for an Episode 2 challenge. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Survivor sneak peeks for the February 19 episode were released by CBS, and they give a good look at the new episode.

Season 40, Episode 2 is scheduled to air at 8/7c on Wednesday, February 19. The episode is called “It’s Like a Survivor Economy,” and it certainly reflects what is about to be covered.

During the season premiere, it was revealed that Fire Tokens could play a big part in this season. Those Fire Tokens are a form of currency for the 20 returning castaways.

It appears that the Fire Tokens are going to become a bigger commodity as the season progresses — especially since they could impact who holds advantages later in Survivor: Winners at War. And they may impact Episode 2.

As a reminder, castaways lose their Fire Tokens when they get voted off at Tribal Council. When they go to Extinction Island, they must then will those tokens to people still in the game.

When Natalie Anderson was voted off, she gave her token to Jeremy Collins. When Amber Mariano was voted out, she willed her token to Rob Mariano.

Survivor 40, Episode 2 sneak peeks

Below are two sneak peeks that CBS just made available. In the first one, we get to see Natalie and Amber spending some time on Extinction Island.

The second sneak peek focuses on the Dakal Tribe, as Tony Vlachos talks about Hidden Immunity Idols. He doesn’t know that someone already got one in the game.

The video goes on to highlight a ladder that the tribe built to go up a tree and get papayas to have some more food at camp. It might be the least-safe endeavor that any of the 20 castaways take part in during Season 40.

Take a look to get a good laugh ahead of the new episode.

Survivor: Winners at War continues

The first episode of the show was a really good one, and we are thankful that the producers made it two hours long.

That provided a lot of time to re-introduce many of the castaways, and to become familiar with how the new season is going to work.

We also got to see why host Jeff Probst went with his selection regarding who is going to win Survivor: Winners at War.

We will all have to tune in for the rest of the winter and spring episodes to find out if he got it right, but is anyone else surprised that Sandra Diaz-Twine is sliding under the radar again?

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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