Watch Luke Bryan’s wife prank him on American Idol set

Luke Bryan's wife pranks him on American Idol
Luke Bryan’s wife pranks him on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Luke Bryan and his wife have a habit of pranking each other, and they have been doing it for years now.

However, Caroline Bryan might have pulled off the perfect prank on her husband, one he might have trouble matching in the future.

Caroline showed up on the American Idol set and no one but Katy Perry knew she was there.

Luke Bryan’s wife pranks him on American Idol set

In the middle of auditions, a stagehand went to the piano to wipe it down and was very rough on the piano, causing Luke to say they were being pretty “aggressive.”

Then the American Idol judges welcomed in the next person auditioning for Hollywood week.

It was Schyler Dixon, and none of them (outside Katy Perry) knew that this was a former American Idol contestant.

Schyler auditioned in seasons 10, 11, and 12. She made it to the final 70 in Season 11, and in Season 12, she made it to the Hollywood round.

She told the judges she was going to sing My Church by Maren Morris, but then a phone started beeping where the stagehands and producers sat.

Someone asked them to turn off their phones and the audition started.

When Dixon started to sing, there was noise coming from the side of the stage. When the judges looked over, there was the same stagehand that was cleaning the piano eating from a bag of chips, ruffling the bag, and crunching loudly.

“Hold on a second. Sorry. I just don’t want your time to be disrespected,” Katy said before getting up and going over to take care of things herself.

She took the chips away from the person and headed back to the table, but the stagehand followed aggressively.

Lionel Richie quickly got up and moved away from the skirmish while Luke told the stagehand to “chill.”

Katy then ripped off the stagehand’s hat, and it was Caroline Bryan, at which point Luke finally realized what was happening and started cracking up.

“Luke and I have a history of pranks,” Caroline Bryan said. “After all the stuff he has done to me, he deserves it.”

American Idol has a new schedule

After the first few weeks of American Idol had the show airing on Sunday nights, it went to two nights a week for the final weekend of auditions.

American Idol will now air on Sunday and Monday nights, as Hollywood Week begins tomorrow night.

All the contestants who earned gold tickets will move on to compete as the eliminations start. There are also Platinum Ticket holders who will get to sit out a round and scout their competition.

The American Idol alumni mentors will also arrive for this round.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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