Watch Family Feud contestant’s ‘most confident’ podium answer ever: ‘I already knew I had it, Steve’

steve harvey at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Steve thought a Family Feud contestant “nailed it” with a number-one answer. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Family Feud contestants are under a lot of pressure when they face off at the podium, but Kendall McCoy’s self-assurance was unmatched.

Kendall faced off against his competitor, Jacob Griffin, as host Steve Harvey read them their survey question.

Steve was looking for the top four answers on the board and asked Kendall and Jacob to name “an occupation that a boy wouldn’t want his girlfriend’s father to have.”

Jacob was the first to hit his buzzer, and when Steve called on him for his answer, he responded, “Lawyer.”

Unfortunately for Jacob, his answer didn’t make it to the top four, so Kendall was given a chance to steal the board with a correct answer.

Kendall leaned over the podium and calmly spoke into his mic: “Police officer.”

Family Feud contestant Kendall McCoy is extremely confident about his answer

Before Steve could finish repeating his answer, Kendall did a 180 and turned to walk toward his family’s podium, stopping Steve in his tracks and getting a rise out of the audience.

Kendall jokingly jaunted his way back to the podium as the crowd continued to cheer him on and confidently told the Family Feud host, “I already knew I had it, Steve!”

“Nailed it!” Steve said in response, showing he was just as confident as Kendall that his answer was on the board.

As it turned out, Kendall was right because his answer, “Police officer,” was in the number-one spot, putting 63 points on the board for his team.

Jacob and Kendall’s face-off was featured on Family Feud’s YouTube channel in a clip captioned, “Most confident podium answer ever?? Probably.”

Family Feud fans applaud Kendall’s skills at the podium

Fans of the show watching the clip at home got a kick out of Kendall’s on-stage antics and expressed how amused they were in the comments section.

“‘POLICE OFFICER’ (echo),” wrote one YouTube user, adding several crying-laughing emojis. “LMAO. I love Steve Harvey.”

@wingman-1977 referred to Kendall’s walk-off as “the walking version of a mic drop.”

family feud viewers comment on kendall mccoy's podium antics on youtube
Pic credit: @familyfeud/YouTube

Agreeing that Kendall had a right to be cocky, another YouTuber commented, “Hes 10000% right tho.”

The McCoys and the Griffins struggle to come up with the final three answers

Unfortunately, although Kendall was able to come up with the number-one answer on the board, his teammates weren’t able to help him out with any.

The McCoy family ended up with three strikes, turning the game over to the Griffin family.

With three blank spots still on the board, the Griffins were in a fortunate position to steal the game and take the win or else give the McCoys a chance to play Sudden Death.

The Griffin family’s captain, Hope, gave the team’s answer, “A boxer,” but just like the McCoys, they fell short, earning themselves a big, red “X.”

The McCoys ended up the big winners in the round after all, and Steve revealed the last three answers on the board.

Number four was “Mobster,” number three was “Undertaker,” and the number two answer was “Clergy/Monk.”

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