Watch Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie’s full fight on Basketball Wives

Separate screen captures of Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie during the fight on Basketball Wives
Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie during their fight on last night’s Basketball Wives

We all knew it was coming — and when Evelyn Lozada and Jackie Christie had their ugly fight last night on Basketball Wives, it didn’t disappoint.

Tensions between the pair had been simmering ever since Jackie called Evelyn a bitch in front of her daughter Shaniece, which didn’t go down well at all with Evelyn.

That happened on last week’s episode and last night during a trip to NYC with the other Basketball Wives ladies things reached breaking point between the pair.

It started off when the group all met up for drinks after a day exploring the city, with Evelyn saying that her gameplan was to just stay calm and not bite if pushed by Jackie.

But Jackie — whose true age was also revealed on the show — had different thoughts, and just moments after she arrived at the bar went straight into bringing up their altercation.

Things escalated quickly between the pair after Evelyn told Jackie never to call her a bitch in front of her daughter again.

Things then went to the next level when Jackie brought up Shaniece, saying that she had read on the internet that she was a “build-a-w***e”.

The phrase is a derogatory reference suggesting someone has been brought up since a young age to be a w***e.

Evelyn was visibly fuming inside, but managed to keep it together before walking out so she could go and cool off in the street.

Once outside, and with Saniy’Yah going to check on her, Evelyn broke down in tears as she struggled to deal with what Jackie had said about her daughter.

Jackie then also left the bar and went up to Evelyn, telling the others: “I’m not going to argue with her, I swear.”

She then proceeded to apologize for calling Shaniece a bitch, before immediately demanding her own apology from Evelyn for calling her a bitch as well.

Evelyn had earlier said she would do anything rather than apologize to Jackie, and she kept her word, saying: “You ain’t getting s***.”

But when she refused to say sorry, a switch flipped with Jackie who then told her angrily: “You’re a non-mother******* factor.”

When Jackie told Tami Roman she would “knock out” Evelyn if she could get close enough, Evelyn was unable to hold herself back any more and launched herself at Jackie.

She failed to get past the other women before being knocked to the ground with a security guard.

Another guard then held back Jackie, who repeatedly told him to let her go. Evelyn was so upset she started hitting her arm angrily off a menu board in the street as Jackie continued to yell expletives her way.

Finally, Shaunie and a security guard managed to bundle Evelyn into a car.

Jackie tried to run towards her again after escaping the security guard’s clasp, but was dragged back to the pavement after being caught.

Once in the car, Evelyn made a call so that she had people at the hotel waiting for Jackie when she got there.

Meanwhile, still in the street, Jackie then threatened to kill Evelyn — and asked the other ladies for her room number, which they refused to tell her.

She said: “Just keep that bitch out of my presence, I’m serious. Or it’s going to be a homicide. I will kill her.”

Watch the ugly scene in the clip below:

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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