Was Kendall Jenner’s reunion with Devin Booker staged? Here’s what one Kardashian source claims

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker
Was Kendall and Devin’s weekend rendezvous all for show? Pic credit: @kendalljenner/Instagram/©

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker were spotted together over the weekend following reports they had split, but now a source says it was all staged.

Supermodel Kendall and her NBA-famous ex Devin Booker reportedly split earlier this month. Sources claimed their relationship was headed for a dead end so they decided to call it quits.

However, the former couple reconnected at the luxe, private Soho House in Malibu, California on Sunday, June 26. The photogenic pair was spotted getting close and cozy with each other, keeping their fans guessing about whether they really ended their romance or not.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker spotted together — was it a publicity stunt?

Now, sources tell Page Six that their rendezvous at Soho House over the weekend was a “PR stunt.”

According to the insider, Kendall’s team is trying to protect her reputation. They said, “Her team does not want it to look like she was dumped. Her people requested the meet up.”

Kendall and Devin continued to spark rumors about their split with a racy Instagram share. Over the weekend, Kendall posted a risque photo of herself sunbathing, completely nude. Devin allegedly “liked” Kendall’s sexy snap; she also liked one of his Instagram posts, according to the outlet.

The former couple began dating in 2020 and recently attended Kendall’s sis Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to husband Travis Barker. Kendall tends to keep her relationships extremely private, so whether she and Devin are still on romantic terms remains to be seen.

Kendall and Devin’s busy careers reportedly played a role in their split

In addition to their relationship being headed towards a dead end, since Devin wasn’t ready or willing to propose, their busy career schedules also played a factor in their breakup.

“While they care for each other, Devin was not going to propose marriage and his priority is his career. Kendall’s career also dominates her life,” a source revealed earlier this month.

Devin has been linked to Jordyn Woods, former BFF of Kylie Jenner, Kendall’s famous sister. In addition to Devin, Kendall has been linked to two other NBA stars: Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson and Brooklyn Nets power forward/center Blake Griffin.

Whether Kendall and Devin continue to be romantically linked is still in question. Although the recent photos of them spotted together suggest they’re not entirely through with each other, perhaps it was just a publicity stunt after all.

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