Was Clare Crawley coerced into her engagement to Dale Moss? Former Bachelor star believes so

Dale Moss, Clare Crawley and Bekah Martinez
Was Clare Crawley coerced into engagement with Dale Moss? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley found her happy ending on the show this season.

In fact, it only took her 12 days to find love with Dale Moss and shut down the entire season of The Bachelorette.

She sent home all the guys, who had questions about her connection with Dale.

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Some of them felt cheated out of a chance to find love, but Clare had made up her mind. And she was clearly ready to get engaged.

When Dale was put on the spot by Chris Harrison, who was asking him to get engaged, he looked terrified.

However, Dale later admitted he never hesitated for a moment.

Was Clare Crawley ‘coerced’ into engagement?

And while Clare and Dale have no problem sharing their lives and happiness with Bachelorette fans, there is someone who feels that Clare was pushed into an engagement with Dale.

Bekah Martinez broke her silence about this controversial season of The Bachelorette, sharing that she would not be happy about the outcome if it was her.

“I would not be happy if I was her. … It just felt like there was a lot of spinning of what happened to make her [leave]. I mean, it was just so obvious as a viewer at the very end that the two of them were almost coerced into getting engaged,” Bekah recently told US Weekly.

“It seems like they really love each other, but that was bizarre, and I would be really upset as a lead.”

Bekah added that she would be angry that producers would cut her season short. As fans recall, Chris Harrison told Clare that she couldn’t continue what she was doing and she had to come clean with the guys that Dale was currently the favorite.

She explained that she would be angry with producers for not giving her a full season.

“I would be pretty pissed off. I would be like, ‘You sort of shorted me of a season that was supposed to be mine,’” Bekah continued, adding, “But, you know, at the end of the day, I have to give it to Clare, because I think that she really was there for the right reasons.”

Clare Crawley was praised for going after what she wanted

While The Bachelorette was airing, Clare was getting praise from her Bachelorette friends who thought it was great that she was going after what she wanted.

As for Dale, he believes the best is yet to come for the couple. They have been househunting and talking about the future together.

Melissa Rycroft is one former Bachelor star who doesn’t believe they are going to last. She said that she didn’t think these two would be together for long, as she missed seeing those deeper conversations between them on the show.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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