VPR: Raquel Leviss debuts new hair while modeling for Lala Kent’s beauty line

VPR star Raquel Leviss.
Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss debuted a new hair style while modeling for Lala Kent’s beauty line. Pic credit: Bravo

The times have changed. Raquel Leviss recently showed off her new hair while modeling for her Vanderpump Rules co-star’s beauty line.

The new look is a far cry from the short, curled bob cut that fans, followers, and Vanderpump Rules fans are used to seeing. Raquel’s hair transformation has her looking like a brand new woman.

While modeling for Lala Kent’s Give Them Lala Beauty line, Raquel showed off her new hair which was complete with long, mermaid-type waves. Her new look also perfectly matched the set of their photoshoot where Lala and Raquel both looked like heavenly forest fairies.

Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss shows off new hair while modeling for Lala Kent’s beauty line

Although Raquel’s new look was shocking enough, what she was modeling for was equally surprising and seemingly brought a previous Vanderpump Rules storyline full circle. It turns out that Raquel was helping Lala by modeling for her newest eyeshadow pallet, aptly named “Bambi-Eyed B***h.”

Long time Vanderpump Rules fans will remember the term as an insult Lala once hurled at Raquel when she thought Raquel had brought up her recently deceased father.

The term doesn’t seem to have the same sting all these years later, and Raquel has seemingly taken the former insult in stride.

As the camera flashed, Lala managed to capture several shots of Raquel’s glamourous look as she laid next to a tree in a floor-length, white dress. The dress’s mesh skirt also showed off Raquel’s long legs.

Raquel modeling for Give Them Lala Beauty.
Pic credit: @lalakent/Instagram

Raquel also took to her own Instagram Stories to show off the change. In a simple shot, Raquel smiled softly for the camera as her new extensions cascaded down her shoulders.

VPR star Raquel Leviss.
Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

Raquel’s hairdresser for the shoot also shared before and after shots that captured the entirety of Raquel’s transformation.

Before and after of Raquel's hair transformation.
Pic credit: @barbdoeshair/Instagram

Raquel embraces change following split from ex-fiance James Kennedy

Raquel’s newest transformation comes just months after her split from ex-fiance and Vanderpump Rules co-star James Kennedy. After five years the former couple decided to call it quits back in December.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, their joint statement was posted to Instagram shortly after rumors leaked which claimed Raquel and James had addressed their split while filming the Vanderpump Rules Season 9 reunion.

Since their split, both Raquel and James have moved into new apartments. Raquel also celebrated her “unengagement” by throwing a watch party with her closest friends when the reunion show finally aired.

For his part, James is also working on moving on. In addition to showing off his fit physique after a recent photoshoot of his own, James also revealed to his friend Lala that he’s recently begun seeing someone new. He admitted that while he’s enjoying his time getting to know his new mystery lady, he’s trying to ensure he doesn’t make the same mistakes he did in previous relationships.

Although their relationship didn’t last, it’s great to see James and Raquel thriving in their new single lives.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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