VPR: Lala Kent opens up about sobriety and prioritizing alone time with fiance Randall Emmett

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.
Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent admits she prioritizes her sobriety. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/admedia

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent got real about the work she continuously puts into maintaining her sobriety. The 31-year-old has remained transparent with her fans and followers about the challenges she’s faced since deciding to get sober almost three years ago.

Lala recalled a trip to Disney World with now-fiance Randall Emmett back in 2018 where she drank almost non-stop for four days and admitted that she knew she couldn’t continue living this way and needed to make a change.

“I get on the plane. I’m face-chugging out of a bottle, and the next morning I woke up and said, ‘I will never live this way again,’ and I reached out and got help,” she shared.

Since then, Lala has continued to work on her sobriety, and the new mom, who welcomed daughter Ocean with Randall in March of this year, admits it hasn’t always been easy. But she acknowledged that there will be more tough days ahead too.

Lala works ‘very hard’ on her sobriety

During an interview with In Touch, Lala opened up about how her sobriety is going and revealed that it’s not always easy.

When interviewer Katie Bruno asked the Give Them Lala author if it was difficult to remain sober while filming, Lala shared that “luckily” she’s only had one instance where she found herself on the “brink” of a relapse.

However, Lala also confessed that she knows that that doesn’t mean there won’t be hard days ahead.

“I work very hard to stay sober,” she shared. “I’m not saying that a day won’t come where it will be difficult — I know those days are ahead.”

And it wasn’t just a single instance where Lala found herself struggling with her addiction. And while she admits that the beginning of her relationship with Randall was all “fun and games,” she admitted that her addiction was equally hard on him.

“Things progressed with my alcoholism very quickly. I put him through a lot,” she confessed. Thankfully, Randall stuck by Lala and she’s so grateful he did.

“I’ve found a partner who’s shown me unconditional love,” she said.

Finding sobriety also helped Lala gain perspective and she found herself wanting to help others by sharing her own struggles. Her book Give Them Lala was her perfect opportunity to do that because she realized that if she could help someone else by opening up and being vulnerable, then it was worth it.

She said that writing her book was her way of saying, “This is how it happened, this is my perspective. I’m no longer going to apologize or explain things.”

And while some might find her stories particularly vulnerable and question why she would want to share those moments, she explained, “The hardest parts were talking about things that happened in my alcoholic state of mind. But if one person walks away saying, ‘I’m going to explore getting sober,’ then it was worth sharing those horrific and mortifying moments.”

Lala gushes over motherhood and reveals if more babies are in their future

One of Lala’s greatest blessings has been her new journey into motherhood. It’s been no secret that Lala and Randall have been obsessed with the newest addition to their family, and it seems that she’s loving every minute of it.

“I’m enjoying every second!” Lala gushed about motherhood. “[Ocean is] my entire being. I’m sure at some point I’ll bounce back and have my identity, but right now I just identify as Ocean’s mom.”

Although she’s loving motherhood, Lala also confessed that she struggles with the guilt associated with trying to find some balance in her life. But she tries to remind herself that Ocean isn’t going to remember these moments with a nanny and instead she tries to focus on what she wants Ocean to remember when she gets older.

“I want her to see her mom out there working and not depending on anybody,” she said.

As for alone time with Randall, Lala says that they have to work on it. Randall also has two children, London, 11, and Rylee, 7, from a previous relationship, so it can be tough for the couple to juggle everything going on in their lives.

Thankfully, they are committed to finding time for one another.

“We start bickering when we neglect time together. When the kids go to bed, we watch a show or plan for sexy time,” she said.

But with all the projects and family time they’ve got on the go right now, will the couple consider having another baby? According to Lala, it’s bound to happen.

“He was dead set on just one, but then he started saying we should try for another one. So I’ve broken him!” Lala joked. “So, yes, there will be more — but not anytime soon.”

Until then, Lala will continue working on building her brands, raising her family, and bringing all the drama to the new season of Vanderpump Rules beginning at the end of this month.

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 premieres on Tuesday, September 28 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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