VPR: Ariana Madix reveals who she’d like to be stuck on an island with, if she still rides horses in Q&A

VPR star Ariana Madix.
Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix opens up to her followers during recent Q&A. Pic credit: Bravo

Ariana Madix had plenty to share during a recent Q&A on social media. As it turns out, the Vanderpump Rules star has some serious opinions on hypothetical scenarios and is an open book when it comes to her personal hobbies.

Since joining the hit Bravo show in Season 2, Ariana has made a name for herself as she’s seemingly come more and more out of her shell. Along with her longtime partner and Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Sandoval, Ariana has built a solid fan following.

During a recent Q&A on social media, Ariana opened her DMs to her fans and followers to let them ask her whatever was on their minds and selected certain questions to answer based on the submissions.

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix shares who she’d like to be stuck on a deserted island with, confirms if she still enjoys horse riding

Ariana’s Q&A over on her Instagram Stories featured a variety of follower questions on an array of topics.

One follower asked, “Apart from Tom [Sandoval], who would [you] be stuck on an island with?”

Ariana’s answer may have caught some followers by surprise. Instead of choosing one of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars or members of her direct family, Ariana chose her good friend Logan Cochran.

Ariana Madix' Instagram story
Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

Logan is a server at TomTom, the bar run by Tom Sandoval and his business partner and BFF Tom Schwartz.

“i don’t know how long we would survive, but for at least a few days we would laugh really hard about the situation,” she jokingly shared.

Another follower asked, “Do you still ride horses?”

Ariana answered by including a picture of herself with a straw summer hat on, a smile on her face, and giving a thumbs up.

Ariana Madix' Instagram story
Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

“sure do!” she responded. “this is my ootd [Outfit Of The Day] a lot of the time.”

Ariana reveals she doesn’t have an official middle name

Another follower submitted a question that asked Ariana to share what her middle name was. As it turns out — she doesn’t have one.

“Middle name?” the question asked simply.

“i don’t have one!” Ariana wrote in her response. “my mom told me she thought my name had enough syllables with 2 names and that if i ever chose to marry and chose to take another surname, i could make my last name into my middle [name].”

Pic credit: @ariana252525/Instagram

Although some social media Q&A’s can become formulaic in the questions celebrities choose to answer, it certainly isn’t the case for Ariana. Instead, her fans and followers learned quite a few new things about the Bravolebrity.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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