VPR: Ariana Madix clarifies hilarious reaction during heated exchange between Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval

VPR star Ariana Madix.
Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix stepped in to clarify her hilarious reaction to the confrontation between Lala Kent and Tom Sandoval. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has solidified her place within the current cast of the hit Bravo show. After fading into the background in previous seasons, Ariana has come into Season 9 swinging. Her refusal to accept any drama put in her lap and her willingness to go head-to-head with her co-stars has been a refreshing take on the usual Vanderpump Rules drama.

In Tuesday’s episode, Ariana opted for a more subdued reaction to a confrontation between her long-term boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and co-star Lala Kent. As the two went at it, Ariana sat by and sipped her wine.

However, after her reaction was shared on social media, Ariana jumped in to clear some things up and reveals the real reason she was throwing shade.

Ariana clarifies her hilarious reaction to confrontation between Sandoval and Lala in latest Vanderpump Rules episode

While Ariana is well known for her witty clap-backs and sassy responses to social media trolls, it was a popular fan account that drew a response from the 36-year-old.

The social media account @queensofbravo, shared a tweet of Ariana watching the drama unfold and sipping her red wine.

“Ariana’s reaction to witnessing ANOTHER loud meltdown by Sandoval was all of us #PumpRules,” the tweet read.

However, it seems the tweet had it all wrong. It turns out Ariana’s reaction wasn’t to her boyfriend or his “loud meltdown,” but was instead aimed at her co-star Lala Kent.

In Ariana’s eyes, Sandoval had every reason to call her out and she stood by his reaction to the situation.

“oh no no no. this was directed at miss lauren [Lala Kent]. tom was right whether he yells or whispers it,” she responded.

When @queensofbravo responded to their error and pointed out that it was a “great reaction” regardless, Ariana couldn’t help but agree.

“hahaha i have to agree [love emoji] one of those things i didn’t realize i was doing,” she said.

screenshot from Queens of Bravo twitter.
Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Twitter

Lala lashed out at Sandoval after he tried to compare fiance Randall Emmett to Brock Davies

During Tuesday’s episode, Sandoval laid into Lala Kent after she inserted herself into Scheana Shay’s relationship with Brock. Lala had previously come forward with her concerns about the Australian native after he revealed he didn’t have a relationship with his two children from his first marriage.

When Lala brought up the conflict while the cast was at dinner with Lisa Vanderpump, Sandoval wasn’t willing to hear her out and once again play the victim.

“Lala’s almost always the aggressor, but then plays the victim. She has absolutely no business talking about Brock. None,” Sandoval expressed during his confessional.

Instead, he attempted to draw a comparison between Brock and Lala’s (now ex) fiance Randall Emmett. Naturally, before the questions could leave his mouth, Lala shut him down.

“This is not gonna happen…Hold up! What you’re not gonna do is talk about my fiance right now,” she snapped back.

While things continued to get heated, it seems that some of the cast (including Ariana) took the drama in stride.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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