Virginia Coombs opens up about her mental health struggles and how she practices self-care

Virginia Coombs against a white wall
Virginia Coombs shares how she tends to her mental health. Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia Coombs has been outspoken about the toll social media scrutiny and her public divorce has taken on her mental health and, on World Mental Health Day, Virginia continued to be vulnerable and encourage others to practice self-care. 

Recently, Virginia shared about how she tends to herself when she’s not in a good mental state by writing a heartfelt post.

Virginia Coombs shares the importance of doing things that bring you joy 

Virginia shared a series of smiley photos with her favorite people at various events along with a passionate caption. 

Virginia began her caption by stating, “When we discuss mental health the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is therapy and medication. However, for #worldmentalhealthday today I am reflecting on another way to help with my mental health which is doing things that bring me joy.” 

Corresponding with her photos, Virginia explained, “Yesterday I attended the Vols football game with some of my absolute favorite people. Today I went to a pumpkin patch with some of my other very favorite people (& little people)”

It seems that having gone through some of the worst days since being married and divorced from Erik Lake on Married at First Sight, Virginia has learned how positively impactful it is to do little things you enjoy in order to better your mental health. 

Virginia shared, “Doing things that bring you joy any chance you get is a little thing we can all do to improve both our mental health and our quality of life. Surround yourself with people who love you even on your worst days.”

Virginia opens up about days where it’s hard to get out of bed 

Virginia also acknowledged that being joyful isn’t always easy and admitted to having personal experience with depressive states where she didn’t feel motivated. Virginia wrote, “Choosing joy is hard when you are not feeling great mentally. There are some days I don’t even move from bed.”

With over 60k followers, Virginia felt it important to use her platform to push for change on how mental health is viewed and treated, especially considering Virginia was often met with hate when discussing her breakup and mental health in the past.

Virginia encouraged her followers to find joy and give their mental health proper attention by stating, “We need to change the stigma around mental health. We need to talk about mental health. We need to put just as much importance on mental health as we do physical health. If you’ve been struggling lately, please do something this week that brings you joy. It can be as simple as going on a walk outside every day.”

Finally, Virginia concluded her caption with the important reminder to do “Whatever brings YOU joy. Because YOU matter. YOU are enough.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Hopefully she’s working on her alcoholism too..that she is an alcoholic, was clearly evident in MAFS!