Virginia Coombs debuts new hairstyle with a splash of red

Virginia Coombs
Virginia Coombs debuted on Married at First Sight Season 12. Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Virginia Coombs continues to experiment with her hair and style 

The Married at First Sight Season 12 star recently debuted a new hairstyle.

Adding red and black to her look, Virginia shared a video that suggested what her new hair color might say about her personality. 

Virginia Coombs is all-smiles with red face-framing hair 

Virginia Coombs shared a TikTok video where she ‘blind reacted’ to audio about hair color while wearing her long hair down and black with bright red highlights framing her face. 

In the video, Virginia smiled as she appeared to agree with the audio despite seemingly not actually knowing what words she was smiling and nodding along to. 

The audio featured a conversation between two men as they discussed what different hair colors say about a woman. 

The clip began, “girls that have red hair, it’s cuz they’re going through s**t.”

As the men continued to label women based on hair color, they declared that blondes ‘are fun’ but also ‘they’re toxic’ and brunettes are ‘sweet, and nice, and caring and loving,’ The men also reiterated that if a woman has red hair, she must be going through something challenging and needs time to heal. 

Finally, the men had a warning about women with black hair, stating women with black hair “will destroy you. They’ll eat your soul,” adding “they hate everything and everyone” and “they hate men.” 

Virginia appeared to find the humor in the audio as she now has a mix of red and black hair. She captioned the post, “blind reacting to this audio. #redhair #blackhair.” 

Virginia Coombs rocks short shorts with ‘soulmate’ 

Virginia also showed off her hair while attending a race with her best friend, who she declared her ‘soulmate.’

In the photo, Virginia and her friend flung their hands in the air while wearing fringed tops, sunglasses, and short shorts. 

Virginia’s dyed hair was displayed as she wore her hair down and bared skin in a cropped top and short shorts. Virginia completed the summer ensemble with white sneakers and a fanny pack around her waist.

Writing a kind word about her friend, Virginia wrote over the photo, “When your soulmate is your best friend.”

Virginia Coombs' Instagram story
Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Along with Virginia’s besties outside the Lifetime hit show, she also found a best friend in her MAFS Season 12 costar Clara Berghaus. Both Virginia and Clara agree that their friendship was a perfect match, even if their MAFS spouses were not the ones for them. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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