Viewers slam Briana DeJesus’s appearance following latest Teen Mom: The Next Chapter episode

Briana DeJesus on TMTNC
Briana came under fire for her appearance during the last episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus’ appearance has drastically changed, according to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers.

Briana has been sharing her storyline with Teen Mom viewers since 2012, when she joined the franchise’s show 16 and Pregnant.

She moved on to join the short-lived cast of Teen Mom 3 before transitioning to the now-defunct Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in its inaugural season. Briana’s storyline so far has included her lawsuit victory party and, most recently, an intense conversation with her mom Roxanne about her estranged father.

During her segments last week on TMTNC, viewers noticed that Briana’s appearance has changed since she last appeared on the franchise.

Teen Mom shared a scene from Briana’s segment on their official Instagram where viewers took to the comments, many of them pointing out Briana’s changed appearance, and not in a good way.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter viewers slam Briana DeJesus’ appearance

One of Briana’s critics felt she was “prettier before” and urged her to stop with the cosmetic procedures.

Briana has been open about going under the knife for cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift and lip fillers. Last year, Briana responded to critics who asked what was going on with her lips during an episode of Teen Mom 2, explaining, “Had my lips done so those were bruises.”

Another TMTNC viewer felt Briana simply looked “different,” while another asked, “Jesus what happened to her!”

Not all of the criticism focused on Briana’s facial changes, however. Some TMTNC fans commented on her perceived weight gain and mocked her for sending a treadmill to her nemesis Kail Lowry last year.

teen mom: the next chapter viewers slam briana dejesus' weight and appearance on the latest episode
Pic credit: @teenmom/Instagram

“Wow, she does alot of s**t talking about kail’s weight when she isn’t looking to thin herself,” noted another detractor.

“All that time she was rude about kail weight…now look at bri,” wrote another one of Briana’s disparagers.

Last fall, Briana was diagnosed with lupus and told her followers that her body had “changed so much” since her diagnosis.

Briana’s drama with Ashley Jones on Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2

Although TMTNC viewers chose to focus on Briana’s appearance in the IG post, she has been dealing with bigger issues off camera.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Briana and her Season 2 Teen Mom Family Reunion co-star Ashley Jones were booted from filming when a tiff between them and their moms reportedly turned physical.

The brawl sent cameras packing as they went on strike, leaving the future of Teen Mom Family Reunion’s second season up in the air.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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