Viewers are convinced Molly Hopkins only joined 90 Day: The Last Resort for a ‘free trip’ and TV time

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins screenshot
Why did Molly Hopkins join 90 Day: The Last Resort? Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Last Resort was filmed at a tropical paradise in Florida, and viewers are convinced that’s the reason Molly Hopkins signed up to do the show.

As her rocky relationship with Kelly Brown continues to play out each week, people are growing more frustrated with her.

Viewers recently bashed the 48-year-old for joining the spinoff just for the “free trip” and TV exposure — since it’s obvious she had zero plans to fix her relationship.

Molly has been getting backlash for several weeks over her treatment of Kelly, and Monsters and Critics shared some comments where she was accused of emasculating him.

However, the real dagger in the heart was when she bluntly told Kelly that she was no longer in love with him.

The former NYPD detective got emotional after hearing those words, and we’ve seen him cry after many interactions with Molly.

So why did the mom of two join the show knowing she didn’t want to reconcile with Kelly? Well, 90 viewers have a few opinions on that.

90 Day Fiance viewers think Molly Hopkins joined the show for a free trip and airtime

90 Day: The Last Resort had the five couples staying at a stunning location for the intense two-week retreat.

The cast members stayed at the Isla Bella Beach Resort in Marathon, Florida — a tropical locale with white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.

However, is that the reason why Molly said yes to the show? Viewers are convinced she only wanted a free trip and went there for a vacation, not to mend her relationship.

“Sounds like Molly has someone already. She just wanted a free trip. She’s been keeping her distance from Kelly since they got there and bashing him,” said one commenter after a clip from the show was posted on Instagram.

“Let’s be honest Molly is there for a free trip she is awful,” someone else bluntly stated.

One viewer reasoned, “Molly just wants to get back on tv and it’s embarrassing.”

Instagram users slam Molly Hopkins
Pic credit: @omfgrealitytv/Instagram

An Instagram user said, “Molly came for the free trip.”

Someone else wrote, “You don’t love him. She clearly just wanted to be back on the show, because she’s not even trying.”

Molly and Kelly had a tumultuous split several months ago

Molly and Kelly broke up before the show premiered, but at least now we have more insight into their relationship.

The breakup was a messy one with lots of accusations thrown back and forth — one being that Kelly allegedly choked Molly’s daughter during an altercation.

There have also been allegations of infidelity on Molly’s part, including claims of her being with married men throughout her relationship with Kelly.

Things were getting so toxic between the pair that it’s obvious why they are no longer together.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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9 months ago

I don’t feel we can judge either party because we don’t know their feelings really and we are just assuming what they have done in the past. Let’s be fair.

Tramaine Keene
Tramaine Keene
7 months ago

Molly is like a Paul Dean and the storyline of “Get Out”. She gets these men and then expects them to “step up”. She needs to call her baby daddies and talk to them the same way. She can’t just treat anyone any way. It makes sense that her daughters are so disrespectful. Her father is a bigot and she is a controlling a**hole. So her family dynamic makes sense. At first I didn’t like Louise. However the fact that she was telling kelly he needed to “step up”. No lol its not the men. Its her. Molly you aee the problem.