Victoria Paul addresses her BIP scandal and the rumors about her country singer boyfriend

Victoria Paul glares on the island
Victoria Paul attempts to clear her name after being caught in Bachelor in Paradise drama. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise can always be counted on to bring hope, heartbreak, and heated drama to contestants, and Victoria Paul experienced all of these first-hand on the latest episode.

Victoria got exposed by her former castmates and friends, Tammy Ly and the recently eliminated Kelsey Weier when they revealed to the whole island that Victoria had a boyfriend back home. 

While this scandal led Victoria to leave the island early, she is still aiming to have the last word. She recently took to social media in an attempt to clear her name. 

Victoria Paul says she broke up with her boyfriend back in May 

Initially, Victoria had been attempting to strike a forced connection with James Bonsall to get his rose. Victoria clearly wasn’t interested in him and could barely even remember his name, but James still expressed feeling confident about giving his rose to Victoria. 

However, that all took a turn when Tammy Ly came forward and accused Victoria Paul of having a boyfriend back home who was an aspiring country musician. Tammy claimed that Victoria was still intimate with this boyfriend and that Victoria’s master plan was to leave paradise and get cameras to follow her back home where her country singer boyfriend could gain some exposure. 

Tammy was confident of her receipts and while Victoria denied some elements of the rumor, she did acknowledge that she hadn’t been fully transparent with James and ultimately decided to exit the island. 

After the BIP episode aired, Victoria shared a post with a smiley photo of her and the boyfriend-in-question, Teddy Robb, and released some receipts of her own. 

Victoria Paul poses with a smile next to her ex boyfriend
Victoria Paul brings receipts to prove that she and Teddy Robb broke up. Pic credit: @victorianpaul/Instagram

In the post, Victoria wrote, “@teddyrobb and I broke up in May and we’ve remained great friends. ASK THE MAN.”

To further back her claim, Victoria posted the same photo from several weeks ago, where someone sought breakup advice from Victoria.

Victoria had responded to the inquiry by writing, “Truthfully I’m currently walking through this season. Know that joy can STILL be found in the midst of uncertainty. Give him/her grace…and yourself some too!”

She added that her biggest advice is “trust in God & leave it up to Him. His plan in always better than our own.” 

This post aimed to document that her relationship allegedly ended far earlier than what Tammy originally claimed. 

Victoria reminds people to show kindness to the cast 

Victoria’s ex, Teddy Robb, has also reiterated that the two dated before Bachelor in Paradise and that they are still on good terms even after their relationship ended. He has encouraged people to be kind in the midst of this drama. 

Despite coming under fire on BIP, Victoria appears to be in good spirits and is also preaching a message of kindness. 

She shared a post filled with video clips of her and the family and friends who love her while beckoning people to remember to be kind to the cast members of The Bachelor franchise. 

Victoria Paul has advocated for being authentically represented in the past and it appears her authentic truth is that she was in fact single while on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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