Victoria Larson shows off amazing view in tight orange minidress

The Bachelor alum Victoria Larson poses in a minidress as she shows off the incredible views in Italy.
Victoria Larson shows off the views and her curves while visiting Italy. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Larson is living her best life as she vacations in Italy.

Although she didn’t find love with Matt James during her time on The Bachelor, she has fallen in love with the incredible Italian scenery.

And with the picturesque backdrops, Victoria has been serving her best fashion looks and reminding her followers why she is a self-proclaimed queen.

Victoria poses in front of Italy’s breathtaking views

Victoria has been traveling the globe and enjoying some of the coolest spots overseas. She recently touched down in Italy, where she has been sharing pics of the country’s amazing views and landmarks.

While the scenery looks surreal and something out of a painting, Victoria also took the opportunity to show off her killer body and the stunning outfits she packed for her vacation.

In a recent Instagram post, Victoria shared pics of her time in Ravello – a resort town near the Amalfi Coast. The series of photos show the crystal-clear skies, blue waters, and tree-lined mountains.

Victoria is in the forefront of each pic. She’s rocking a long sleeved, orange minidress that buttons from top to bottom. The dress is tight enough to hug the curves of Victoria’s body and allows her long legs to steal the show.

She completed her look with a pair of white sneakers, sunglasses, and pigtails in her hair.  Victoria kept her poses simple and let the breathtaking views behind her speak for themselves.

While in Italy, Victoria also traveled to Capri and Villa Cimbrone where she attended a wedding and enjoyed soaking in the sun on a boat ride.

Victoria doesn’t mind being disliked

During her time on The Bachelor, Victoria was somewhat of a villain. She called herself a queen and quickly attempted to intimidate the other women on the show with her self-assurance.

Her confidence was not well-received, and she was often viewed as being a mean girl and conceited. This led to Victoria getting into multiple arguments with the other contestants and overall ended her chances of finding love with Matt.

After the show, Victoria did some self-reflection and thought about how she was presented to the women and to the world. She blamed the producers of the show for making her out to be a villain. She also shared how frustrating it was to be perceived as something she isn’t, as she does not believe she deserves the hate she receives.

In the end, Victoria says she is now okay with people not liking her. She has become even more confident in who she is and doesn’t pay attention to the backlash. Victoria says she did not enjoy her time on The Bachelor, but would consider joining other reality shows in the future.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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