Victoria Larson shares wild story about getting revenge on her cheating ex

Victoria Larson
Victoria Larson shares a crazy story about her ex cheating. Pic credit: @victorialarson_/Instagram

Victoria Larson has been well-known within The Bachelor franchise for her villainous behavior during her reign as a self-proclaimed Queen on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

She then changed her look, going from brunette to blonde, and even made some supposed cosmetic changes, which were noticed by viewers and even criticized by some.

While Victoria has often taken to her social media to pose in barely-there swimwear and talk about fashion and beauty, she has just revealed a TikTok that might blow Bachelor Nation fans away.

What did Victoria Larson just unleash on her TikTok video?

Victoria took to TikTok to tell viewers just how she got revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend, and it’s pretty wild.

As Patsy Cline’s song “Crazy” plays in the background of Victoria’s TikTok, she posted what she did to get back at her ex.

She stated, “When I learned he was cheating on me so I called the girl and booked us a penthouse at the cosmo in Vegas then sent him pics of me kissing her (red lip emoji).”

Victoria also captioned the TikTok with, “College was a whole nother level #fsu.”


College was a whole nother level #fsu

♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

Apparently, the relationship with the ex-boyfriend that Victoria was speaking about occurred while she was in college, but she has just now come out to reveal to her viewers what she did to him when he cheated on her.

What has Victoria been up to lately since her stint with The Bachelor franchise?

Victoria has been on Instagram quite often showing off her revealing swimsuits, whether one-pieces or bikinis. At times, Victoria posted about “bikinis and books,” where she posted a bikini bod picture and a book that she was reading. The books that Victoria posted about and read tend to be self-help-type books or ones about science, the body, and learning.

She also is in love with her dog, and she has posted a great deal with her Goldendoodle, Cocoa. Victoria is a Dog Mama to the extreme and consistently posts with her dog, whether on the beach or in the mountains.

Lately, Victoria has been doing photoshoots with professional photographers, complete with the glitz and glam, and sometimes very risque lingerie and a face full of make-up.

While she had a tough time with some of the women on Matt James’ season, and with fan criticism and backlash during The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Victoria has seemed to find her nitch in the fashion and beauty world.

Her fans continue to love and support her and her social media posts, as she has gained a large following thanks to her posts in swimsuits, lingerie, make-up, and fashion in general.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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